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TitleProgrammable Logic IC Development Tools Multi-Protocol Ethernet Ports Aggregator Platform
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Product CategoryProgrammable Logic IC Development Tools
ProductDevelopment Platforms
Tool Is For Evaluation OfNOVSOM CVL
Interface TypeEthernet, I2C, SPI, UART, USB


Features, Applications
An Industry 4.0 Multi-Protocol Ethernet Ports Aggregator Platform

"NovTech came highly recommended us by Arrow Electronics for i.MX6-based solution. NovTech took our unique I/O interface requirements for a retail fuel dispenser, coupled this with their i.MX6 expertise, and in mere months we had a fully functional solution in hand. The boards arrived, 24VDC was applied, and we were up and running. Internally, a project of this size would have required at least a year for just a first prototype. NovTech did the equivalent effort delivering a production grade solution in less than five months."

The platform is based on the NOVSOM CVL, a Cyclone V SoC based SoM. The kit is delivered with the largest FPGA in this family, the 110K LE.

NovTech's NetLeapTM, an Industry 4.0 Multi-Protocol Ethernet Ports Aggregator Platform, allows the development and integration of many Ethernet protocols including PROFINET ,

Ethernet Powerlink, Modbus TCP, SERCOS III and more. Six 1G/100/10 Ethernet ports are present. Two are connected to the HPS (The ARM Cortex-A9 core of the Cyclone V SoC) and four are connected to the FPGA fabric. With its six ports, the NetLeapTM allows different protocols to reside on the same platform and can be a protocol bridge, a switch, or a router. The kit comes with a templated project example that allows the board to boot to Linux and demonstrate Ethernet connectivity. This solution is pre-production ready.

Industrial & Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense Agriculture Automotive Energy Transportation Utilities


NOVSOM®CVL, a cyclone V SoC with 110K LE Six 1G/100/10 Etherent ports (can be configured to any protocol) MAC address for each port UART port (for OS monitor) I2C port Temperature sensor RTC (Real Time Clock) with battery backup Embedded Security 15 HPS signals that can be configured as: HPS GPIO, FPGA I/O signals, CAN BUS, Additional I2C port, Additional UART, SPI Four FPGA signals that can be configured as: FPGA I/O signals, HPS signals, One global clock input


Industrial Ethernet Protocol Switch Industrial Ethernet Router Industrial Ethernet Protocol Bridge

NOVSOM ® CVL NetLeapTM base board SD card with Linux image and example code UART TTL to USB cable USB drive with manuals, documentation, quick start guide and Virtual Machine Power supply

NetLeapTM uses Infineon's OPTIGATM Trust P (SLJ 52ACA150A1) to achieve the following security features: Protected storage of credentials and device configuration information Secure boot of the system Device authentication to the network Secure update of the device firmware and configuration Secure communication channel for data exchange over the network

Arrow Part Number: NOVPEK_NLEAK at $439.00 For pre-production orders please contact NovTech at

The NetLeapTM can be taken into production once these steps are completed: Customize Linux to your needs Customize an enclosure for the solution Pass regulatory requirements NovTech provides services that assist in achieving these tasks


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NOVPEK CVLite Specifications: Manufacturer : NovTech ; Product Category : Programmable Logic IC Development Tools ; Product : Evaluation Boards ; Type : FPGA ; Tool Is For Evaluation Of : NOVSOM CVLITE ; Brand : NovTech
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