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CompanyElectronic Technology (acquired by Micrel Semiconductor)
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Features, Applications
High Precision Infrared Array Sensor based on Advanced MEMS Technology

Temperature detection of two-dimensional area: 8 Digital output (capability of temperature value output) PCB mounting with connector (5pin) RoHS compliant

Typical applications

High function home appliances (microwaves) Energy saving at office (lighting control) Digital signage Automatic doors/elevators

Vertical pixel : 8 pixels Horizontal pixel : 8 pixels Applied voltage : 5.0 V.DC Gain amplification factor 4 : High performance type Low gain

Product name Infrared array sensor Grid-EYE Narrow angle type

Item Applied voltage Temperature range of measuring object Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Performance 5.0 V.DC0.5 V.DC +212 F

Item Applied voltage Input voltage Output sink current Static electricity (Human body model) Static electricity (Machine model) Absolute maximum ratings -0.3 V.DC to 6.5 V.DC -0.3 V.DC to VDD +0.3 V.DC 200 V Terminal VDD SCL, SDA, AD_SELECT INT, SDA All terminals All terminals

Design and specifications are each subject to change without notice. Ask factory for the current technical specifications before purchase and/or use. Should a safety concern arise regarding this product, please be sure to contact us immediately. 00 Aug. 2017

Item Temperature accuracy NETD 1 Viewing angle Optical axis gap Current consumption Setup time

Performance Typical 5.4 F Max 10 Hz Typ. 35.63.0 Within 4.3 Max 6.0 mA (normal mode C 77 F) Max 0.4 mA (sleep mode C 77 F) Max 1.1 mA (stand-by mode C 77 F) Typical 50 ms (Time to enable communication after setup) Typical 15 s (Time to stabilize output after setup)

Item Number of pixel External interface Frame rate Operating mode 1 Output mode Calculate mode Temperature output resolution I C slave address Thermistor output temperature range Thermistor output resolution

Performance 64 (Vertical 8 Horizontal 8 Matrix) I2C (fast mode) Typical 10 frames/sec or 1 frame/sec Normal Sleep Stand-by (10 sec or 60 sec intermittence) Temperature output No moving average or Twice moving average 32.1125 F

Note: 1 Normal Mode : normal operation mode; Sleep Mode: detection is off (output and data reading not possible); Standby Mode: 1 frame measuring intermittently every or 60 sec.

5 V.DC Infrared array sensor Sensor chip VDD SDA
INT terminal 4 normally has same voltage as VDD. When interrupting, same as GND (0V)

(1) Pixel array Pixel array from 64 is shown below. (2) Viewing field Sensor viewing field (typical) is shown below.

(1) Each pixel's viewing central angle Sensor's optical center (the origin of graph below) gap: within 4.3 (Both horizontal and vertical directions)

(2) Each pixel's viewing angle (half angle) Central 4 pixels (Pixel No. viewing angle (half angle): horizontal direction Typ. 5.0 vertical direction Typ. 4.7


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