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From MC34164P-003 to MC34182D

From MC34182DR2 to MC34262P

From MC34262P to MC3479P

From MC3479P to MC3503D

From MC3503DT to MC44011

From MC44011D to MC44354DTB

From MC44354DTB to MC44604P

From MC44605 to MC44827

From MC44827B to MC44BC374CDR2

From MC44BC374CDTB to MC4558V

From MC4558VD to MC54F126

From MC54F126J to MC54F243J

From MC54F244 to MC54F399

From MC54F399J to MC54HC14A

From MC54HC14AJ to MC54HC175AJ

From MC54HC175AN to MC54HC373ADT

From MC54HC373ADW to MC54HC4052A

From MC54HC4052J to MC54HC541AJ

From MC54HC541AN to MC54HC86A

From MC54HC86AD to MC54HCT373A

From MC54HCT373ADT to MC68000P8

From MC68000R10 to MC68020FE33E

From MC68020RC16E to MC6805S3

From MC6805S3 to MC68302

From MC68302-FE16 to MC68330PV16VA

From MC68330PV25A to MC68332AMFV16

From MC68332AMFV20 to MC68336AMFT20

From MC68336AMFT20B1 to MC68360ZP25VLR2

From MC68360ZP33L to MC68711KS2VFN3R2

From MC68711KS2VFN4R2 to MC68B44

From MC68B488 to MC68EC060RC50

From MC68EC060RC66 to MC68HC000CRC8

From MC68HC000FC10 to MC68HC05B16FN

From MC68HC05B16FU to MC68HC05J5ADW

From MC68HC05J5AJDW to MC68HC05RC9

From MC68HC05SC24 to MC68HC08JL3EFB

From MC68HC08JL3EP to MC68HC11D3CP2

From MC68HC11D3FN to MC68HC11E9PB

From MC68HC11ED0 to MC68HC11K4

From MC68HC11K4BCFN4 to MC68HC16Z1CPV25

From MC68HC16Z1MFC16 to MC68HC705B5

From MC68HC705B5CB to MC68HC705J1ACDW

From MC68HC705J1ACP to MC68HC705P6EMP

From MC68HC705P6EVDW to MC68HC711E20CFS3

From MC68HC711E20CFU2 to MC68HC711K4VFN3

From MC68HC711K4VFN4 to MC68HC711KA4MFU2

From MC68HC711KA4MFU3 to MC68HC908AS60

From MC68HC908AS60A to MC68HC908GZ8CFJ

From MC68HC908GZ8MFA to MC68HC908JL8CDW

From MC68HC908JL8CFA to MC68HC908QT1MP

From MC68HC908QT1VDW to MC68HC908RF2CFA

From MC68HC908RF2MFA to MC68HLC908JK3CDW

From MC68HLC908JK3CP to MC68HRC705JP7CP

From MC68HRC705KJ1CDW to MC68L11D0CFB2

From MC68L11D0CFB2R2 to MC68LC302PU20CT

From MC68LC302PU20VCT to MC68SEC000FU16

From MC68SEC000FU20 to MC74AC05N

From MC74AC08 to MC74AC125N

From MC74AC125N to MC74AC14DT

From MC74AC14DTR2 to MC74AC161ML1

From MC74AC161ML2 to MC74AC240DW

From MC74AC240N to MC74AC273MEL

From MC74AC273N to MC74AC374M

From MC74AC374MEL to MC74AC540MEL

From MC74AC540ML1 to MC74AC574ML1

From MC74AC574MR1 to MC74AC86

From MC74AC86D to MC74ACT109D

From MC74ACT109DR2 to MC74ACT132ML1

From MC74ACT132ML2 to MC74ACT153DR2

From MC74ACT153DT to MC74ACT163M

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