IC and discrete list, page 5-10

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From U842BS to UA2-3NJ-R

From UA2-3NU to uA709AMJ

From uA709AMJG to uA733M

From UA733MJ to UA741IP

From uA741M to uA748MJG

From UA748MN to uA7810Y

From UA7812 to UA78L05ACLP

From UA78L05ACLPM to uA78L09C

From UA78L09CLP to UA78M09CKC

From UA78M09CKC to UA7906CKC

From UA7906CKTE to UA79M06CKTPR

From UA79M08 to uA9667C

From uA9667M to UAA2080

From UAA2080H to UAF42AP-1

From UAF42AU to UBA1707TS/C1

From UBA1707TS/C2 to UBD4.0

From UBD550 to UC1524J

From UC1524J/80937 to UC1611

From UC1611J to UC1706J

From UC1706J883B to UC1715J

From UC1715J883B to UC1825A/883B

From UC1825AJ to UC1835J883B

From UC1835L883B to UC1843JQMLV

From UC1843L to UC1846J/80619

From UC1846J883B to UC1856L20

From UC1856L20883B to UC1874-2

From UC18741 to UC19432J883B

From UC1965 to UC2526DWTR

From UC2526J to UC2634

From UC2634 to UC2709DWTR

From UC2709N to UC2730

From UC2730J to UC2825AN

From UC2825AQ to UC282TDTR-3

From UC282TDTR-3 to UC2842A

From UC2842AAY to UC2842DWTR

From UC2842J to UC2843BD1

From UC2843BD1013TR to UC2844BD1

From UC2844BD1 to UC2845AQDR

From UC2845AY to UC2849QTR

From UC284X to UC2856

From UC2856DW to UC2863DW

From UC2863DWTR to UC2874N-2

From UC2874Q-1 to UC2904Q

From UC2904QTR to UC3175BQP

From UC3175BQPTR to UC3526DWTR

From UC3526J to UC3612DP

From UC3612J to UC3705D

From UC3705DTR to UC37132N

From UC37133 to UC3770AQTR

From UC3770B to UC3825QRTR

From UC3825QTR to UC3832J

From UC3832N to UC3842AD1013TR

From UC3842AD8 to UC3842QTR

From UC3842T to UC3843BDR2

From UC3843BN to UC3844ADWTR

From UC3844AM to UC3845

From UC3845 to UC3845D8

From UC3845D8TR to UC385-ADJ

From UC3851 to UC385T-ADJ

From UC385T-ADJ to UC3865

From UC3865 to UC3874DWTR-2

From UC3874DWTR-2 to UC3903J

From UC3903N to UC3965

From UC3965D to UC5180C

From UC5180C to UC5605PWPTR

From UC5605Z to UC714E

From UC734 to UCC1570

From UCC15701 to UCC1808

From UCC1808-1 to UCC25701

From UCC25701D to UCC2580N-1

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