IC and discrete list, page 6-68

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From XC6201P331TR to XC6201P351LH

From XC6201P351LL to XC6201P362LR

From XC6201P362MB to XC6201P381MH

From XC6201P381ML to XC6201P392MR

From XC6201P392PB to XC6201P411PH

From XC6201P411PL to XC6201P422PR

From XC6201P422TB to XC6201P441TH

From XC6201P441TL to XC6201P452TR

From XC6201P461LB to XC6201P472LH

From XC6201P472LL to XC6201P491LR

From XC6201P491MB to XC6201P502MB

From XC6201P502MH to XC6201P521ML

From XC6201P521MR to XC6201P532PB

From XC6201P532PH to XC6201P551PL

From XC6201P551PR to XC6201P562TB

From XC6201P562TH to XC6201P581TL

From XC6201P581TR to XC6201P601LB

From XC6201P601LH to PSN1C

From LC78646E to AS8SF384K32

From AS8SF384K32QT-35/IT to 5082-F103-0D000

From 5082-F103-0E000 to 5082-F107-EF000

From 5082-F107-EG000 to 5082-F108-GH000

From 5082-F108-H0000 to 5082-F113-DD000

From 5082-F113-DE000 to 5082-F211-0E000

From 5082-F211-0F000 to 5082-F213-0F000

From 5082-F213-0G000 to 5082-F307-00016

From 5082-F308-00000 to 5082-F411-GF000

From 5082-F411-GG000 to 5082-F413-GG000

From 5082-F413-GH000 to 5082-F511-HI300

From 5082-F511-HI400 to 5082-F511-JI500

From 5082-F511-JJ200 to 5082-F511-LJ300

From 5082-F511-LJ400 to 5082-F513-HJ500

From 5082-F513-HK200 to 5082-F513-JK300

From 5082-F513-JK400 to 5082-F513-LK500

From 5082-F513-LL200 to 1808AA101MAT9A

From 1808AA101ZA11A to DM100E

From BFR20 to 380FA002B12

From 380FA002B14 to 380FA006M14

From 380FA006M16 to 380FA009NF16

From 380FA009NF18 to ICL7641CCPE

From ICL7641CCSA to ICL7641EMSA

From ICL7641EMSD to S-80950CNNB-G9LT2G

From S-80950CNPF-G9LTFG to S-80959CLMC-G7VT2G

From S-80959CLNB-G7VT2G to D43C3

From FTM-9301C-SL20G to KB04KW01-6B

From KB04KW01-6F to ARD22024Q

From SFF7N60 to X2402

From TBT40N5 to EMK31H2H-50000MTR

From EMK31H2J-50.000M to LSD5051-XX

From LSD5052-XX to ET05J6AVS2

From ET05J6AVS3 to 10-101949-18-S-24

From 10-101949-18-S-8 to 3276

From T-887G to P1402ABL

From 4528B to 442TA3HBBC

From 442TA3HBBN to 74650-2503

From 74650-2504 to 0436001.

From CFC-2 to EM710R16CW-12L

From EM710R16CW-12S to RH4568URTR-1-2

From RH4568URTR-1-3 to AGLP125-V2FVQG289

From AGLP125-V2FVQG289ES to BTA412Y

From BTA412Y-600B to 820LRA6E22

From 820LRA6E22R to 820LRA6SS5R

From 820LRA6SS5Y to T363D105J035AS

From T363D105K035A to CK1V101MC

From CK1V101MR to AGLP060-V2FVQ289

From AGLP060-V2FVQ289ES to ESR330M0K000B

From ESR330M0K1516 to PC0705-390M-RC

From PC0705-391M-RC to MTJP616EXA11

From MTJP616EXA12 to MTJP616PXA21

From MTJP616PXA22 to K4SGW63

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