Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AE1/AN-1H
DescriptionProximity Switch M8 NPN
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Features, Applications

Compact inductive proximity switches for DC operation 45mm s Shielded and unshielded models s IP67 nickel-plated brass housing s Short-circuit protection s Rear-mounted LED operation indicator s Additional cable exit options available s Nominal sensing range shielded 1mm s Extended sensing range shielded 1.5mm s Unshielded 2mm s LED status indicator 360 visible

Standard proximity NO output state NPN output type PNP output type
Shielded Unshielded Standard cable exit M12 plug cable exit
BROWN 1 LOAD BLACK C T OUT LED R Z BLACK OUT 4 (or 2 see LOAD note below) D BLUE 3

NOTE: in case of combined load, i.e. resistive and capacitive, the maximum admissible capacity (C) is 0.05F for maximum output voltage and current.

Normally closed output types Other cable options: Right angle cable M8 Plug cable exit Customised cables Please contact IMO for price and availability

NOTE: (pin connections): At present, all plug exit sensors have the output on pin 4. According to EEC Directives, the output of NC plug exit models will be changing to pin 2 (NO will remain on pin 4). A plug cable to match these NC sensors MUST a 4-wire type as 3wire cables are connected to pins 1, 3 and 4 contact IMO to check stock types.

Please see Full specification page 321 Connector leads page 332

SW13 LED M8x1 LED M12x1 SW13 LED M12x1 M8x1 LED 65 s Unshielded version (AE1/**2A model) s Shielded version (AE1/**1H model) 65 s Unshielded version (AE1/**2H model) 4 SW13

Standard cable exit Option A Cable: 3.1mm, 2m length, 0.12mm2 conductor section, PVC material


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