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DescriptionCrystal Oscillator 12.000000mhz
DatasheetDownload AEL1210CSN-12.0MHz datasheet


Features, Applications
Dual-In-Line Clock Oscillators Universal Output Hcmos/TTL Compatible
Standard Frequencies in Stock Fast Turnaround Options Low Cost Industry Standard Device

AEL Model Number Input Voltage Variant Output Frequency Range Package Tristate Overall Stability Op. Temp. Range Symmetry Rise/Fall Time "0" -Level (Max.) "1"- Level (Min.) Input Current (Max) Output Load 100MHz + N/A Pin 1


DC +/-10% Standard Enable/Disable +3.3V +/-10% Standard Enable/Disable DC +/-10% Standard Enable/Disable +3.3V +/-10% Standard Enable/Disable DC +/-10% N/A Hcmos Dual Frequency 4 MHz 105MHz 14-Pin DIL N/A Pin 1 N/A +0.5V (10% VDD) +4.5V (90% VDD) ~ 70MHz+ N/A 15pF

TTL & Hcmos (Universal O/P) 150MHz 8-Pin DIL Pin 60:40 (45:55 Available) 10nS 6nS N/A 10mA 20mA N/A 4 nS Solder Conditions +0.5V (10% VDD) +4.5V (90% VDD) 15pF (50pF Avail.) N/A 10mA 20mA N/A ~ 70 MHz

to +125oC Military Clock Oscillators 45:55 Symmetry Low Current Low Frequency Range of Stabilities 50pF Heavy Load

e.g AEL 12113CSH would be 8-Pin Hcmos O/P +/-100PPM over +70 C with +3.3V Supply and 45:55 (High) Symmetry


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