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DescriptionCrystal 4.000000mhz
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AEL4570 Crystal 4.000000mhz
AEL4637AA-12.288 Crystal 12.288000mhz
AEL4658 Crystal 8.000000mhz
AEL4912-3.2768 Crystal 3.276800mhz
AEL4946-0.3072 Crystal 0.307200mhz
AEL5294-14.000 Crystal 14.000000mhz
AEL9710CSN-10.000000MHz Crystal Oscillator 10.000000mhz
AEL9711CSN-25.00MHz Crystal Oscillator 25.000000mhz
AEPX65 Photodiode
AF/W/3 Askari Flange 9 to 28vdc
AF169-2SS VFD Module
AFG9 Fire Extinguishers Foam 9litre
AFM-11 Trigger Module Phase-angle
AGN200A12 Relay PCB Dpco 12vdc
AHT13042T Insulation Pipe Class 1 22/19mm
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5992A : Programmable Skew PLL Clock Driver Turboclock. 4 pairs of programmable skew outputs Low skew: 200ps same pair, 250ps all outputs Selectable positive or negative edge synchronization: Excellent for DSP applications Synchronous output enable Output frequency: 4x, 1/2, and 1/4 outputs 5V with CMOS outputs 3 skew grades: tSKEW0<750ps 3-level inputs for skew and PLL range control PLL bypass for DC testing.

AD9500 : -. 10 ps Delay Resolution 10 s Full-Scale Range Fully Differential Inputs Separate Trigger and Reset Inputs Low Power mW MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available APPLICATIONS ATE Pulse Deskewing Arbitrary Waveform Generators High Stability Timing Source Multiple Phase Clock Generators DIFFERENTIAL ANALOG INPUT STAGE ECL VOLTAGE REFERENCE TIMING CONTROL.

CDC111FN : Non-PLL. ti CDC111, 3.3V Lvpecl Differential Clock Driver. Low-Output Skew for Clock-Distribution Applications Differential Low-Voltage Pseudo-ECL (LVPECL)-Compatible Inputs and Outputs Distributes Differential Clock Inputs to Nine Differential Clock Outputs Output Reference Voltage, VREF , Allows Distribution From a Single-Ended Clock Input Single-Ended LVPECL-Compatible Output Enable Packaged in Plastic Chip.

HMC363S8G : Mmic Divine-by-8, DC - 12.0 GHZ. Ultra Low SSB Phase Noise: -153 dBc/Hz Wide Bandwidth Output Power: -6 dBm Single DC Supply: +5V S8G SMT Package Typical Applications Prescaler for to X Band PLL Applications: Satellite Communication Systems Fiber Optic The is a low noise Divide-by-8 Static Divider with InGaP GaAs HBT technology an 8 lead surface mount plastic package. This device operates.

HO1301 : Frequency = 750.0 ;; = Oscillator, Fixed Frequency, Comm Grade. SAW Frequency Stabilization Fundamental-Mode Oscillation at 750.0 MHz x 0.25" Metal Dip Case This general-purpose oscillator is stabilized by surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) technology. Fundamental oscillation at 750.0 MHz eliminates all internally generated spurious outputs except integral harmonics of 750.0 MHz. The compact size of the rugged, metal,.

HVC2536 : . Operating Temperature Frequency Stability Ageing @ 25C Frequency Stability (1) Supply voltage Current consumption Pulling Range Rise & fall time Load TTL Duty cycle 0C~+70C 25 ppm 5 ppm max./year 50 ppm 35 mA max. >100 ppm 5 ns max. 15 pF max 40/60 (1) Including 25C calibration, temperature, ageing 1 year, Vcc, load. changes SHORT FORM Data.

ICS94206 : Programmable System Frequency Generator For Pii/iii(tm). Recommended Application: 440BX - VIA Apollo Pro133 - ALI 1631 style chipset. Output : 2 - CPUs 1 - IOAPIC 13 - SDRAM 6 - PCI 2 - REF @3.3V, 14.318MHz. : Programmable ouput frequency. Programmable ouput rise/fall time. Programmable PCI_F and PCICLK skew. Spread spectrum for EMI control typically to 8dB, with programmable spread percentage. Watchdog timer.

K1536CLC : Package = 9 X 11 MM J-lead ;; Frequency = 2.000 to 80.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = CMOS ;; Supply Voltage = 3.3 Volt.

PLL203-61 : Intel Solano I815 Chipset FTGS , Freq. Progr., Wdt, SST. Generates all clock frequencies for INTEL 815 Chip sets. Supports 2 CPU clocks, 13 high-speed SDRAM clocks for 3-DIMM applications and 8 PCI clocks. Three 3V66MHz clocks and one 2.5v APIC clock. One 24MHz clock and one 48MHz clock. One double strength 14.318MHz reference clock. Support 2-wire I2C serial bus with built-in Vendor ID, Device ID and Revision.

PLL401-1950 : High Performance Signal Source. Model: PLL401-1950 Rev: B Date: 4/17/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: AppNote: C) Parameter Frequency Range Step Size Settling Time - To within 1.0 kHz Output Power Output Phase Noise: 1 kHz 10 kHz 100 kHz Power Supply Current Spurious Product - 200 kHz Reference Feedthrough Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic.

PSA0210A : Frequency (MHz) = 190-230 ;; Step Size (KHz) = 5000 ;; Power (dBm) = 5 2 ;; RMS Phase Error (°) = 0.5 ;; Side Band Spurs (dBm) = -65 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 5 ;; Icc (mA) = 25 ;; Package = PLL.

SC3019B : Frequency = 500.0 ;; = Clock, Diff Sine Wave, Tol = 200ppm, VCC=3.3. Quartz SAW Frequency Stability Fundamental Fixed Frequency Very Low Jitter and Power Consumption Rugged, Miniature, Surface-Mount Case Low-Voltage Power Supply (3.3 VDC) This digital clock is designed for use with high-speed CPUs and digitizers. Fundamental-mode oscillation is made possible by surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) technology. The design results.

TFS400C : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Gsm,dcs,pcs ;; Center Frequency = 400.0 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 160 KHZ * ;; Pass Band Ripple =   ;; Insertion Loss = 6.5dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 2.0µs ;; Package = 5 MM X 5 MM LCC.

TQ2060 : High-frequency Clock Generator. Output frequency range: 350 MHz to 500 MHz One differential PECL output: 600 mV (min) swing Common-mode voltage: VDD 1.2 V (max), VDD 1.6 V (min) Period-to-period output jitter: 25 ps peak-to-peak (typ) 70 ps peak-to-peak (max) Reference clock input: 35 MHz to 50 MHz TTL-level crystal oscillator Self-contained loop filter Optional 200-ohm pull-down.

VF730 : . Surface Mount Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) Very Tight Stability Wide Temperature Range Industry Standard Footprint Voltage Control Option Parameter Control Voltage Storage Temp. Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance Frequency Stability Frequency Adjustment Input Voltage Input Current Output Load Aging 10KOhm /10pF per year to +75C.

CDC421156 : CDC421 is a high-performance, low-phase-noise clock generator. It has an integrated low-noise, LC-based voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) that operates within the 1.75 GHz-2.35 GHz frequency range. It has an integrated crystal oscillator that operates in conjunction with an external AT-cut crystal to produce a stable frequency reference for the PLL-based.

NB6LQ572 : 2.5 / 3.3 V Differential 4:1 Mux W/Input Equalizer To 1:2 LVPECL Clock/Data Fanout/Translator he NB6LQ572 is a high performance differential 4:1 Clock/Data input multiplexer and a 1:2 LVPECL Clock / Data fanout buffer that operates up to 5 GHz / 6.5Gbps respectively with a 2.5V or 3.3V power supply. Each INx / INxb input pair incorporates a fixed Equalizer.

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