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DescriptionTriac 1a Sot-223
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Features, Applications

Glass passivated, sensitive gate triacs in a plastic envelope suitable for surface mounting, intended for use in general purpose bidirectional switching and phase control applications. These devices are intended to be interfaced directly to microcontrollers, logic integrated circuits and other low power gate trigger circuits.

SYMBOL VDRM IT(RMS) ITSM PARAMETER BT134WRepetitive peak off-state voltages RMS on-state current Non-repetitive peak on-state current MAX. UNIT V A

Limiting values in accordance with the Absolute Maximum System (IEC 134). SYMBOL VDRM IT(RMS) ITSM PARAMETER Repetitive peak off-state voltages RMS on-state current Non-repetitive peak on-state current I2t for fusing Repetitive rate of rise of on-state current after triggering full sine wave; Tsp 108 C full sine wave; 25 C prior to surge 10 ms ITM 0.2 A; dIG/dt = 0.2 A/s GT2- G+ CONDITIONS MIN. MAX. -600 6001 UNIT A2s A/s C

Peak gate current Peak gate voltage Peak gate power Average gate power Storage temperature Operating junction temperature

1 Although not recommended, off-state voltages to 800V may be applied without damage, but the triac may switch to the on-state. The rate of rise of current should not exceed 3 A/s. August 1997 1 Rev 1.200

SYMBOL Rth j-sp Rth j-a PARAMETER Thermal resistance junction to solder point Thermal resistance junction to ambient CONDITIONS full or half cycle pcb mounted; minimum footprint pcb mounted; pad area in fig:14 MIN. -

25 C unless otherwise stated SYMBOL IGT PARAMETER Gate trigger current CONDITIONS GT2- G+ MIN. 0.25 TYP. MAX. UNIT V mA

Holding current On-state voltage Gate trigger voltage Off-state leakage current

25 C unless otherwise stated SYMBOL dVD/dt tgt PARAMETER Critical rate of change of off-state voltage Gate controlled turn-on time CONDITIONS VDM = 67% VDRM(max); = 125 C; exponential waveform; RGK 1 k ITM VD = VDRM(max); 0.1 A; dIG/dt = 5 A/s MIN. TYP. 5 2 MAX. UNIT V/s s

Fig.1. Maximum on-state dissipation, Ptot, versus rms on-state current, IT(RMS), where = conduction angle.

Fig.4. Maximum permissible rms current IT(RMS) , versus solder point temperature Tsp.

Fig.2. Maximum permissible non-repetitive peak on-state current ITSM, versus pulse width tp, for sinusoidal currents, tp 20ms.

Fig.5. Maximum permissible repetitive rms on-state current IT(RMS), versus surge duration, for sinusoidal currents, = 50 Hz; Tsp 108C.

Fig.3. Maximum permissible non-repetitive peak on-state current ITSM, versus number of cycles, for sinusoidal currents, = 50 Hz.

Fig.6. Normalised gate trigger voltage VGT(Tj)/ VGT(25C), versus junction temperature Tj.


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