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­ DS9093F snap­in fob for use with F5 MicroCanTM ­ DS9093N angled fob for use with F5 MicroCan ­ DS9093A snap­in angled fob for use with F5 MicroCan

­ DS9093S allows an iButton to be easily and permanently attached to an object using screws or rivets (F5 MicroCan) ­ DS9093P has a locating pin and a single mounting hole for permanent attachment (F5 MicroCan)

­ DS9093RA lock ring firmly fastens F5 package ­ DS9093RB flange enlargement provides additional flange surface area if needed DS9093A


The DS9093 iButton Mount Products offer the user low­ cost fixtures that hold an iButton for thumbpad applications or permanent attachment to an object.

The DS9093F plastic snap­in fob offers the simplest way to mount an iButton for applications that require only momentary contact. The fob can be attached to a key ring for carrying. Do not apply solvents or adhesives to this fob. This might affect the mechanical strength and reliability.

ECopyright 1995 by Dallas Semiconductor Corporation. All Rights Reserved. For important information regarding patents and other intellectual property rights, please refer to Dallas Semiconductor data books.

The DS9093N angled fob is an alternate way to mount an iButton for applications that require only momentary contact. Due to the different mounting technique, the DS9093N can be used with the F5 MicroCan only. The iButton is inserted into this fob by press-fitting. For permanent mount, the iButton can be locked a DS9093RA Lock Ring. The DS9093A is very similar to the DS9093N. It has about the same size as the DS9093N and can be used with the F5 MicroCan only. The iButton is inserted by press­fitting the flange of the MicroCan into the cavity of the fob. In contrast to the DS9093N, no additional parts are needed for permanent mounting. The DS9093A is available in black, blue, green, red and yellow.

is provided along the sides of the plate to reduce incidental damage to the iButton. The DS9093RA Lock Ring is a stainless steel fastener which provides an inexpensive method for firmly attaching an iButton to any item with a pre­punched hole. The iButton is inserted through the hole and is restrained by the flange on the iButton. The DS9093RA Lock Ring is crimped onto the portion of the iButton which protrudes through the hole. The optional DS9093RB Flange Enlargement is a thin stainless steel washer that provides additional surface area to improve retention of the iButton in materials that are very thin or flexible. The DS9093RB is formed with a slight dome to improve the gripping force exerted onto the pre­punched material. The domed side of the washer should face the flange of the iButton, the flat side should face the material. DS9093RA


The DS9093S and DS9093P allows the user to permanently attach an iButton to an object with one or two screws, rivets, etc. The plastic plate is designed with an inset that accommodates the flange of the F5 package and allows for flush mounting. A protective wall


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