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DescriptionProximity Switch Capac.
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Features, Applications
Cylindrical Sensor Offers Adjustable Detecting Distance

s Permits non-contact detection of metallic and non-metallic objects such as glass, wood, water, oil and plastic s Allows indirect detection of materials inside non-metallic containers s Adjustable detecting distance from mm s Built-in amplifier accepts wide range of supply voltages and switches mA s Mounting bracket included

Type Nominal detecting distance Output type Part AC switching type (SCR) number DC switching NPN type PNP Unshielded to 0.98 in), adjustable E2K-C25MF1 E2K-C25MF2

Description Mounting bracket for E2K-C (supplied with sensor) Part number Y92E-A34

Part number Sensor type Body Supply voltage Current consumption Detectable object type Sensitivity Effective maximum detecting distance (with standard target) Standard target size (grounded mild steel, H) Differential travel Control output AC solidstate Type Max. load Min. load Max. off-state leakage current Max. on-state voltage drop Type Size Type E2K-C25M Capacitive mm (1.34 in) diameter Unshielded to 40 VDC, 10% max. permissible ripple peak to peak 10 mA max. at 12 VDC 15 mA max. at 24 VDC Metallic and non-metallic objects Adjustable to 0.98 in) x 0.04 in) 15% max. of detecting distance NPN-NO open collector with pull-up NPN-NC open collector with pull-up PNP-NO open collector with pull-down PNP-NC open collector with pull-down 200 mA See "Residual Load Voltage" graph in Engineering Data 70 Hz Not provided Provided SCR-NO (E2K-C25MY1) SCR-NC 5 mA See "Leakage Current Characteristics" graph in Engineering Data 2V max. E2K-C25MY

Max. load Max. on-state voltage drop Response frequency Output shortCircuit circuit protection DC power supply reverse polarity Weld field immunity RFI immunity Indicators Materials Housing Sensing face Cable sheath Prewired

Mounting Connections Weight with cable Enclosure ratings
UL NEMA IEC 144 Approvals UL CSA Ambient operating temperature Vibration Shock

Not provided Not provided Target Present (red LED) Output Operation (red LED) ABS/PC ABS PVC Bracket Y92E-A34 included Three-conductor cable, m (6.56 ft) length Two-conductor cable, m (6.56 ft) length Approx. g (7.0 oz.) IP67 Listed, File Number E76675 Certified, File Number to 55 Hz, mm (0.06 in) double amplitude Approx. 50 G's

E2K-C25ME The dotted line shows a transistor circuit load.
K D1 Prox. switch main circuit D2 White (Black) 2.2 ZD Black (Blue) 0V Tr Red (Brown) +V
E2K-C25MF The dotted line shows a transistor circuit load.
Red (Brown) +V ZD Prox. switch main circuit White (Black) D2 22 Black (Blue) D1 Tr
Target Load (between red and white) Present Absent Operates Releases

Target Present Absent Load (between Operates white and black) Releases Logic (between red and white) Operation indicator L ON OFF

Logic (between H white and black) L ON Operation indicator OFF

White (Black) Load NO Prox. switch main circuit Black (Blue) Load NO NC Target Present Absent Operates Releases Operates Releases ON OFF ON OFF


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