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This errata applies to the following sections of MCD221/D, Rev. 0, Data Sheet. Where figures, tables, etc. have been affected, the amended versions have been included here. TTL Input Pins VIH Level Section 5.4 of the data sheet contains an error in the VIH level on the TTL input pins. The correct configuration is shown in the table below. Note that this correction represents the amended version of that contained in Section 5.4 of the data sheet.

Parameter Input Voltage (TTL) Conditions VOUT 0.1 V IOUT 20 µA VDD Symbol VIH VIL Min 2.7 0.8 Typical Max Unit V

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ALAN-508 : Transformers Audio & Signal LAN XFRMR 10/100 EXT-TEMP POE. s: Manufacturer: ABRACON ; Product Category: Transformers Audio & Signal ; Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 100 MHz ; Primary Impedance: - ; Secondary Impedance: - ; Isolation Voltage: 1.5 kVrms ; Operating Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 85 C ; Termination Style: SMD/SMT ; Dimensions: 12.7 mm L x 8.8 mm W x 5.7 mm H ; Brand:.

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