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CategoryDiscrete => Solid State relays
DescriptionRelay Dpco 100va
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Features, Applications
An Improved Miniature Power Relay with Many Models for Sequence Control and Power Applications

A wide range of relay variations including ones with operation indicators, high-capacity capability, built-in diodes, etc. Arc barrier standard on 3- and 4-pole relays. Withstand voltage: 2,000 VAC.

Type Contact form Plug-in socket/solder terminals PCB terminals Upper-mounting/ solder terminals

With indicator Standard SPDT DPDT (bifurcated) 3PDT 4PDT (bifurcated) With built-in diode (DC only) DPDT (bifurcated) 3PDT 4PDT (bifurcated) With built-in CR (AC only) DPDT (bifurcated) 3PDT 4PDT (bifurcated) With test button DPDT MY4F MY4ZF Not available.

Type Contact form Plug-in socket/solder terminals PCB terminals

With indicator High-humidity DPDT (bifurcated) 3PDT 4PDT (bifurcated) High-capacity (7 A) High-sensitivity Note: DPDT MY4N-TU MY2N-Y Not available MYC3-02 Not available.

1. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage to the model number. Rated coil voltages are given in the coil ratings table. Example: MY2, 6 VAC Rated coil voltage *2. Models mark with an asterisk are not available with international safety standard ratings. 3. Add "-G" to the model number if mounting studs are required (e.g., MY4-G). 4. The standard contacts for MY2Z-series Relays and for the MY4Z are gold-plated. **5. Models denoted by will be manufactured upon request. Ask your OMRON representative. 6. The following variations are also available. Plastic-sealed relays (MYQ4): See page 46. Latching relays (MY2K): See page 51. Hermetically sealed relays (MY4H): Ask your OMRON representative.

Poles Front-mounting socket (DIN-rail/screw mounting) 3 4 Note: PYF08A, PYF08A-N (finger protection) PYF14A PYF14A-N (finger protection) PY14 PY14-3* Solder terminals W/ clip W/o clip PY11-Y1 PY14-Y1 Back-mounting socket Wire-wrap terminals W/ clip PY11QN PY14QN W/o clip PY11QN-Y1 PY14QN-Y1 PCB terminals PY11-02 PY14-02

*1. Equipped with operation check terminal. 2. The PYF08A(-E), PYF11A(-E), and PYF14A(-E) have been approved as individual sockets UL S08 and CSA C22.2.

Socket model PY11QN(2), PY14QN(2) Note: PYP-1 For 1 socket PYP-18 For 18 sockets PYP-36 For 36 sockets

PYP-18 and PYP-36 can be cut into any desired length in accordance with the number of sockets.

Relay type Poles Front-connecting sockets (rail-/screw-mounted) Socket Standard, bifurcated contacts, operation indicator, built-in diode, high-capacity, high-sensitivity, y, or high-humidity PYF14A Y92H-3 Clip PYC-A1 Socket PY08(QN) Back-connecting sockets


Rated voltage Rated current 100/110 V Note: 4.2/4.6 mA Coil resistance Inductance (reference value) Arm. OFF 45.60 H Arm. H 10% min. 1.1 (60 Hz) 80% max. Must operate Must release Max. voltage % of rated voltage 30% min. 110% Power consum. (A ) (Approx.) 1.2 (60 Hz)

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