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NM93CS66 (MICROWIRE Bus Interface) 4096-Bit Serial EEPROM with Data Protect and Sequential Read
NM93CS66 (MICROWIRETM Bus Interface) 4096-Bit Serial EEPROM with Data Protect and Sequential Read

The NM93CS66 devices are 4096 bits of CMOS non-volatile electrically erasable memory divided into 256 16-bit registers. Selected registers can be protected against data modification by programming the Protect Register with the address of the first register to be protected against data modification (all registers greater than, or equal to, the selected address are then protected from further change). Additionally, this address can be "locked" into the device, making all future attempts to change data impossible. These devices are fabricated using Fairchild Semiconductor floating-gate CMOS process for high reliability, high endurance and low power consumption. The NM93CS66 is offered in both SO and TSSOP packages for small space considerations. The EEPROM interfacing is MICROWIRE compatible providing simple interfacing to standard microcontrollers and microprocessors. There are a total of 10 instructions, 5 which operate on the EEPROM memory, and 5 which operate on the Protect Register. The memory instructions are READ, WRITE, WRITE ALL, WRITE ENABLE, and WRITE DISABLE. The Protect register instructions are PRREAD, PRWRITE, PRENABLE, PRCLEAR, and PRDISABLE.


s Write protection in a user defined section of memory s Sequential register read s Typical active current 200A 10A standby current typical 1A standby current typical (L) 0.1A standby current typical (LZ) s No erase required before write s Reliable CMOS floating gate technology s MICROWIRE compatible serial I/O s Self timed write cycle s Device status during programming mode s 40 year data retention s Endurance: 1,000,000 data changes to 5.5V operation in all modes of operation s Packages available: 8-pin SO, 8-pin DIP, 8-pin TSSOP

CS SK Instruction Register 6/8 Address Compare amd Write Enable High Voltage Generator And Program Timer VCC Instruction Decoder Control Logic, And Clock Generators PRE PE

DI DO GND PE PRE VCC Chip Select Serial Data Clock Serial Data Input Serial Data Output Ground Program Enable Protect Register Enable Power Supply


8-pin DIP SO 8-pin TSSOP to 5.5V and <1A Standby Current 4096 bits CMOS Data protect and sequential read MICROWIRE or 4 Wire Interface Fairchild Non-Volatile Memory

Ambient Storage Temperature All Input or Output Voltages with Respect to Ground Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) ESD rating to -0.3V

Ambient Operating Temperature NM93CS66E NM93CS66V Power Supply (VCC) to 5.5V

Operating Current Standby Current Input Leakage Output Leakage Input Low Voltage Input High Voltage Output Low Voltage Output High Voltage Output Low Voltage Output High Voltage SK Clock Frequency SK High Time SK Low Time SK Setup Time

-0.1 2 IOL 2.1 mA IOH -400 A IOL 10 A IOH -10 A (Note +125C SK Must Be at VIL for tSKS before CS goes high (Note


Minimum CS Low Time CS Setup Time PRE Setup Time DO Hold Time PE Setup Time DI Setup Time CS Hold Time PE Hold Time PRE Hold Time DI Hold Time Output Delay to "1" Output Delay CS to Status Valid DO in TRI-STATETM Write Cycle Time


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