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DescriptionIc-32k CMOS EPROM
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Features, Applications

The 32k UV erasable and electrically reprogrammable CMOS EPROM ideally suited for applications where fast turnaround pattern experimentation and low power consumption are important requirements The NMC27C32B is designed to operate with a single a 5V power supply with g 10% tolerance The NMC27C32B is packaged a 24-pin dual-in-line package with a quartz window The quartz window allows the user to expose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pattern A new pattern can then be written electrically into the device by following the programming procedure This EPROM is fabricated with National's proprietary time proven CMOS double-poly silicon gate technology which combines high performance and high density with low power consumption and excellent reliability


Low CMOS power consumption Active Power 55 mW Max Standby Power 55 mW Max Extended temperature range 85 C Fast and reliable programming TTL CMOS compatible inputs outputs TRI-STATE output Manufacturer's identification code for automatic programming High current CMOS level output drivers Compatible with NMOS 2732

Pin Names CE OE VPP O0 O7 VCC GND Addresses Chip Enable Output Enable Programming Voltage Outputs Power Supply Ground

TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation C1996 National Semiconductor Corporation 8827 RRD-B30M17 Printed S A

Note Socket compatible EPROM pin configurations are shown in the blocks adjacent to the NMC27C32B pins

Order Number NMC27C32BQ See NS Package Number J24AQ Commercial Temp Range 70 C) VCC g 10% Parameter Order Number NMC27C32BQ200 NMC27C32BQ250 Access Time (ns) 200 250

Extended Temp Range 85 C) VCC g 10% Parameter Order Number NMC27C32BQE200 Access Time (ns) 200

If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Temperature Under Bias Storage Temperature VCC Supply Voltage with Respect to Ground All Input Voltages except A9 and OE VPP with Respect to Ground (Note 9) All Output Voltages with Respect to Ground (Note 9)

OE VPP Supply and A9 Voltage with Respect to Ground Power Dissipation Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 sec )

Symbol ILI IPP ILO ICCSB1 ICCSB2 VIL VIH VOL2 VOH2 Parameter Input Load Current OE VPP Load Current Output Leakage Current VCC Current (Active) TTL Inputs VCC Current (Active) CMOS Inputs VCC Current (Standby) TTL Inputs VCC Current (Standby) CMOS Inputs Input Low Voltage Input High Voltage Output Low Voltage Output High Voltage Output Low Voltage Output High Voltage IOL 1 mA IOH b400 mA IOL 10 mA IOH b10 mA VCC b Conditions VIN e VCC or GND OE VPP e VCC or GND VOUT e VCC or GND CE e VIH CE e VIL e 5 MHz Inputs e VIH or VIL CE e GND e 5 MHz Inputs e VCC or GND CE e VIH CE e VCC

NMC27C32B Symbol Parameter Conditions Q150 Min tACC tCE tOE tDF tCF tOH Address to Output Delay CE to Output Delay OE to Output Delay OE High to Output Float CE High to Output Float Output Hold from Addresses or OE Whichever Occurred First OE e VIL OE e VIL CE e VIL CE e VIL OE e VIL OE e VIL ns 0 Max Q200 QE200 Min Max Min Q250 Max ns Units


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