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Enhanced ISDN Data Access Controller ISAR 34 PSB 7115 Version 2.1 Firmware Version 1.01
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External Memory Interface timings added General Purpose I/Os added 16 bit data path added TSL=011 mode removed

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General Information.11 Features.12 System Integration.13 ISDN PC/Workstation Adapter with S-Interface.13 ISDN PC / Workstation Adapter with U-Interface.14 ISDN PC / Workstation Adapter as Intelligent NT.15 ISDN Voice/Data Terminal.16 Fax/Modem Pool with Primary Rate Access.17 Logic Symbol.18 Device Architecture.19 Pin Configuration.20 Pin Description.21 Functional Description.28 Functional Overview.28 Clock Generation.29 Physical Interfaces.31 Host IOM,-2 Interface.34 SAI Interface.35 External Memory Interface.36 General Purpose I/O Interface.37 Communications Interface.39 Functional Buffer.43 SART.45 HDLC Mode.45 ASYNC Mode.46 Binary Mode.47 Pump.48 Fax Modulations.48 Datamodem Modulations.50 Halfduplex V.110.52 DTMF.53 Bypass D-Channel.56 C/I-Channel.56 TIC-Bus Access.57 MONITOR Channel.59 Operational Description.60


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CT2500 : Ct2500 Mil-std-1397 Type D & e Low Level Serial Interface Protocol Chip.

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M7R13TAJ : 9x14 mm, 5.0 or 3.3 Volt, Hcmos/ttl, Clock Oscillator. J-lead ceramic package Wide operating temperature range RoHS version (-R) available MtronPTI reserves the right to make changes to the product(s) and service(s) described herein without notice. No liability is assumed as a result of their use or application. Please see for our complete offering and detailed datasheets. Contact us for your.

SA50-11 : 127mm (5.0inch) Single Digit Numeric Displays. The Super Bright Green source color devices are made with Gallium Phosphide Green Light Emitting Diode. The High Efficiency Red source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Orange Light Emitting Diode. The Yellow source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Yellow Light Emitting.

AD8009_04 : 1 GHz, 5,500 V/§Á Low Distortion Amplifier. Ultrahigh Speed 5,500 V/s Slew Rate, 4 V Step, 545 ps Rise Time, 2 V Step, = +2 Large Signal Bandwidth 440 MHz, +2 320 MHz, = +10 Small Signal Bandwidth (­3 dB) 1 GHz, +1 700 MHz, = +2 Settling Time 2 V Step, = +2 Low Distortion over Wide Bandwidth SFDR ­66 dBc @ 20 MHz, Second Harmonic ­75 dBc @ 20 MHz, Third Harmonic Third Order Intercept (3IP) 26 dBm @ 70 MHz,.

385 : Circuit Protectors. Telecom Interface Protector s Packaging Lead Free 000: Tape/Ammopack (1400 pcs.) Brown Thermoplastic Polyamide UL 94V0 Round Pins: Copper, Sn plated +85 ºC (consider de-rating) ºC/+85 ºC/21 days (EN +60 ºC relative humidity 75 % yearly average, without dew, maximum value for % 24 cycles at 15 min. each (EN 0.75 mm amplitude 10 g acceleration 10N (EN 60068-2-21).

GLF-466-076-512-D : Plug to Plug Modular Cable Assembly 7.00' (2.12m) -; ASSEMBLY 6 POSITION 6 CONTACT. s: Color: White ; : - ; Length: 7.00' (2.12m) ; Number of Positions/Contacts: 6p6c (RJ11, RJ12, RJ14, RJ25) ; Style: Standard ; Connector Type: Plug to Plug ; Shielding: Unshielded ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Cable Type: Flat, Straight Cable ; Lead Free.

88BB2-052 : KEYPAD SWITCH, 4X4, 10mA 24VDC, ABS. s: Keypad Array: 4 x 4 ; Contact Voltage AC Nom: - ; Contact Voltage DC Nom: 24V ; Contact Current Max: 10mA ; Keypad Output: Matrix ; Panel Cutout Width: 68.58mm ; Panel Cutout Height: 76.2mm ; Housing Material: ABS ; Illumination Color: - ; No. of Keys: 16.

1869664 : Fixed Terminal Blocks MKDSN 1 5/ 2-5 08. s: Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact ; Product Category: Fixed Terminal Blocks ; RoHS:  Details ; Product: Fixed Terminal Blocks ; Type: Wire to Board ; Pitch: 5.08 mm ; Number of Positions / Contacts: 2 ; Current Rating: 13.5 A ; Voltage Rating: 250 V ; Termination Style: Screw ; Factory Pack Quantity: 50.

AD9761ARS : Data Acquisition - Digital To Analog Converter (dac) Integrated Circuit (ics) Tube Analog and Digital; IC DAC 10BIT DUAL 40MSPS 28-SSOP. s: Data Interface: Parallel ; Number of Bits: 10 ; Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C ; Package / Case: 28-SSOP (0.209", 5.30mm Width) ; Packaging: Tube ; Voltage Supply Source: Analog and Digital ; Settling Time:.

0845370003 : Circular - Accessory Connectors, Interconnect Backshell; CONN RCPT STR BACKSHELL SHELL 24. s: Accessory Type: Backshell ; Color: Black ; : - ; For Use With/Related Products: Extra Rugged Circular (XRC™) 845050003, 845060003, 845100005, 84511005 ; Material: Nylon ; Shell Size - Insert: 24 ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

MCP6044T-E/SL : Linear - Amplifier - Instrumentation, Op Amps, Buffer Amp Integrated Circuit (ics) General Purpose Tape & Reel (TR) 0.6µA 1.4 V ~ 6 V; IC OPAMP 1.4V QUAD R-R 14SOIC. s: Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Amplifier Type: General Purpose ; Number of Circuits: 4 ; Package / Case: 14-SOIC (0.154", 3.90mm Width) ; Slew Rate: 0.003 V/µs ; Gain Bandwidth.

CC2541F128RHAT : Rf Transceiver Rf/if And Rfid; IC SOC 2.4GHZ BLUETOOTH 40VQFN. s: Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

BD0826J50200AHF : Balun Rf/if And Rfid; XFRMR BALUN RF 800-2600MHZ 0805. s: Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

CBTL02043ABQ : MULTIPLEXER AND DEMUX/DECODER, PQCC20. s: Package Type: 2.50 X 4.50 MM, 0.85 MM PITCH, PLASTIC, DHVQFN-20 ; Number of Pins: 20.

851848 : 1 FUNCTIONS, 70 MHz, SAW FILTER. s: Filter Design: Saw Filter ; Insertion Loss: 27 dB ; Package Type: Surface Mount.

EVAL-AD7177-2SDZ : Data Conversion IC Development Tools EVALUATION BOARD. Analog Devices EVAL-AD7177-2SDZ evaluation board helps designers evaluate the of the AD7177-2 32-Bit, 10kSPS, Sigma-Delta ADC. The evaluation kit the AD7177-2 32-bit, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with integrated rail-to rail-analog input buffers, on-board power supply regulation, and an external.

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