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FEATURES IT(RMS) = 4A VDRM/VRRM 600V, 700V IGT < 200A SMD PACKAGE DESCRIPTION The TS420-B/T series of SCR use a high performance TOPGLASS PNPN technology. The parts are intended for general purpose applications using surface mount or through hole technology. ABSOLUTE RATINGS (limiting values) Symbol IT(RMS) IT(AV) ITSM Parameter RMS on-state current (180 conductionangle) Average on-state current (180 conductionangle) Non repetitive surge peak on-state current (Tj initial I2 t dI/dt T stg Tj Tl Symbol I2t Value for fusing Critical rate of rise of on-state current 10 mA dIG /dt = 0.1 A/s. Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range Maximum temperature for soldering during 10s Parameter 400B/T VDRM VRRM Repetitive peak off-state voltage 125 C RGK 220 400 Tc= 115C Tc= = 10ms Value V A2s A/s C Unit A

THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Rth(j-a) Parameter Junction to ambient (S=0.5cm2) DPAK TO-220AB Rth(j-c) Junction to case for DC DPAK / TO-220AB Value 60 3.0 C/W Unit C/W

GATE CHARACTERISTICS (maximum values) PG (AV)= 0.2 W PGM 3 W (tp = 20 s) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Symbol IGT VGT VGD VRG IH VTM IDRM IRRM dV/dt Test Conditions VD=12V (DC) RL=33 VD=12V (DC) RL=33 VD=VDRM RL=3.3k RGK = 220 IRG = 10A IT= 50mA RGK 1 K Tj= 25C Tj= 25C Tj= 125C Tj= 25C Tj= 25C Tj= 25C Tj= 25C Tj= 125 C Tj= 125C Type MAX MIN MAX MIN Value Unit V mA V/s IGM 1.2 A (tp = 20 s)

Fig. 1: Maximum average power dissipation versus average on-state current.

Fig. 2: Correlationbetweenmaximum averagepower dissipation and maximum allowable temperatures (Tamb and Tcase) for different thermal resistances heatsink + contact.

Fig. 3-1: Average and DC on-state current versus case temperature (TO-220AB). Fig. 3-2: Average and DC on-state current versus ambient temperature(device mounted on FR4 with recommended pad layout) (DPAK).

Fig. 4-1: Relative variation of thermal impedance junction to case versus pulse duration.

Fig. 4-2: Relative variation of thermal impedance junction to ambient versus pulse duration. (recomended pad layout) (DPAK).

Fig. 5: Relative variation of gate trigger currentand holding current versus junction temperature.
Fig. 6: Non repetitive surge peak on-state current versus number of cycles.


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