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DescriptionIc-rail/rail op Amp
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DESCRIPTION The is a RAIL TO RAIL single BiCMOS operational amplifier optimized and fully specified for 3V and 5V operations. It is housed in the space-saving 5 pins SOT23-5 package that makes it well-suited for battery-powered systems. This micropackage simplifies the board design because of the ability to be placed everywhere (outside dimensions are x 2.9mm) APPLICATIONS nomadics equipments (CD player, PDA...) portable communication sets (phone, pager...) instrumentation & sensoring PIN CONNECTIONS

Parameter Supply Voltage - note 1 Differential Input Voltage - note 2 Input Voltage - note 3 Operating Free Air Temperature Range Storage Temperature Maximum Junction Temperation Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Output Short Circuit Duration

All voltages values, except differential voltage are with respect to network ground terminal. Differential voltages are non-inverting input terminal with respect to the inverting input terminal. The magnitude of input and output voltages must never exceed VCC +0.3V. Short-circuits can cause excessive heating and destructive dissipation.

Symbol VCC Vicm Supply Voltage Common Mode Input Voltage Range
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS VCC+ = +3V, Tamb = 25oC (unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Vio DVio Iio Iib Input Offset Voltage Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Offset Voltage Drift Input Offset Current Tmin. Tamb Tmax. Input Bias Current Vicm = 1.5V Tmin. Tamb Tmax. High Level Output Voltage Low Level Output Voltage Large Signal Voltage Gain Common Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio VCC to 3.3V Output Sink Current Output Source Current Gain Bandwidth Product Slew Rate Phase Margin at Unity Gain Margin Supply Current Equivalent Input Noise Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion 100pF No load, Vout = 1kHz Vout = 600 Vout L mA MHz V/s Degrees 250 2 T.B.D. 150 T.B.D. V mV V/mV Parameter Min. Typ. Max. 6 8 Unit mV V/ C nA


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