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Product specification Supersedes data of 1995 Mar 16 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 1996 Oct 10

FEATURES Complete 1.3 GHz single chip system Four PNP band switch buffers (40 mA) 33 V output tuning voltage In-lock detector 15-bit programmable divider Programmable reference divider ratio or 1024) Programmable charge-pump current or 280 µA) Varicap drive disable Universal bus protocol or 3-wire bus (the TSA5520/TSA5521 I2C-bus mode only includes the write mode; if both read and write modes are required the TSA5526/TSA5527 devices should be selected): ­ bus protocol for or 19 bits transmission (3-wire bus) ­ extra protocol for 27 bits for test and features (3-wire bus) ­ address plus 4 data bytes transmission (I2C-bus) ­ three independent I2C-bus addresses Low power and low radiation. ORDERING INFORMATION PACKAGE TYPE NUMBER NAME SSOP16 SO16 DESCRIPTION APPLICATIONS

plastic shrink small outline package; 16 leads; body width 4.4 mm plastic small outline package; 16 leads; body width 3.9 mm plastic shrink small outline package; 16 leads; body width 4.4 mm plastic small outline package; 16 leads; body width 3.9 mm

QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL ICC1 ICC2 fRF Vi(RF) PARAMETER supply voltage (+5 V) band switch supply voltage (12 V) supply current band switch supply current RF input frequency RF input voltage to 150 MHz 150 MHz to 1 GHz to 1.3 GHz fxtal Io(PNP) Ptot Tstg Tamb Notes 1. One band switch buffer ON with 40 mA. 2. One buffer ON, = 40 mA; two buffers ON, maximum sum = 50 mA. 3. The power dissipation is calculated as follows: CE ( satPNP V33 k

crystal oscillator input frequency PNP band switch buffers output current note 2 total power dissipation IC storage temperature operating ambient temperature note 3


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