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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Line Interface
DescriptionTaxichip Integrated Circuits ( Transparent Asynchronous Xmitter-receiver Interface )
CompanyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
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Am7968/Am7969 TAXIchip Integrated Circuits Am7968/Am7969 Chapter 1 Data Sheet. 1 Technical Manual. 50 Introduction. 50 1.1 The Am7968 TAXITM Transmitter. 50 1.2 The Am7969 TAXI Receiver. 52 Using the TAXIchip Set. 52 2.1 Data and Command. 52 2.2 Operational Modes: Local, Cascade and Test. 53 Data Encoding, Violation and Syncs. 3.1 Data Encoding. 3.2 Violation Logic. 3.3 TAXI PLL Characteristics. Clock Generation and Distribution. 4.1 TAXI Transmitter Clock Connections. 4.1.1 Local Mode Transmitters. 4.2 TAXI Receiver Clock Connections. 4.2.1 Cascade Mode Receivers (Am7969-125 only). Interfacing with the Serial Media. 5.1 Very Short Link, DC Coupled. 5.2 Terminated, DC Coupled. 5.3 Terminated, AC Coupled. 5.4 Baseline Wander and the AC Coupling Capacitor. 5.5 Interfacing to Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers. 5.5.1 DC-Coupled TAXl-Fiber Optic Transceiver Interface. 5.5.2 AC-Coupled TAXl-Fiber Optic Transceiver Interface. 5.6 Interfacing to Coaxial Cable. 5.7 Interfacing to Twisted-Pair Cable. Board Layout Considerations. 6.1 Printed Circuit Board Layout. 6.1.1 Rules for Layout. 6.2 Layout using Fiber Optic Data Links.


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