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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Line Interface
DescriptionSerial Interface Adapter ( Sia )
CompanyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
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Features, Applications

s Compatible with lEEE 802.3/Ethernet/Cheapernet specifications s Crystal/TTL oscillator-controlled Manchester encoder s Manchester decoder acquires clock and data within four bit times with an accuracy ns s Guaranteed carrier and collision detection squelch threshold limits Carrier/collision detected for inputs greater than mV No carrier/collision for inputs less than mV s Input signal conditioning rejects transient noise Transients <10 ns for collision detector inputs Transients <20 ns for carrier detector inputs s Receiver decodes Manchester data with worst case ns of clock jitter (at 10 MHz) s TTL-compatible host interface s Transmit accuracy +0.01% (without adjustments)

The Am7992B Serial Interface Adapter (SIA) is a Manchester encoder/decoder compatible with IEEE 802.3, Cheapernet, and Ethernet specifications. In an IEEE 802.3/Ethernet application, the Am7992B interfaces the Am7990 Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet (LANCE) to the Ethernet transceiver device, acquires clock and data within four bit times, and decodes Manchester data with worst case 19 ns phase jitter at 10 MHz. SIA provides both guaranteed signal threshold limits and transient noise suppression circuitry in both data and collision paths to minimize false start conditions.

Receive Data (RX) Receive Clock (RCLK) Manchester Decoder Data Receiver Receive+
Transmit Data (TX) Transmit Enable (TENA) Transmit Clock (TCLK) XTAL1 20 MHz XTAL2

Part No. Am7996 Am79C900 Description Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet (LANCE) IEEE 802.3/Ethernet/Cheapernet/Transceiver Integrated Local Area Communications ControllerTM (ILACCTM)

AMD standard products are available in several packages and operating ranges. The order number (valid combination) is formed by a combination of the elements below.

OPTIONAL PROCESSING Blank = Standard Processing B = Burn-In

PACKAGE TYPE = 24-Pin (Slim) Ceramic DIP = 28-Pin PLCC (PL = 24-Pin (Slim) Plastic DIP (PD3024) SPEED Not Applicable DEVICE NUMBER/DESCRIPTION Am7992B Serial Interface Adapter

Valid Combinations Valid combinations list configurations planned to be supported in volume for this device. Consult the local AMD sales office to confirm availability of specific valid combinations and to check on newly released combinations.


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