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DescriptionWideband Photodiode Receivers
CompanyAgere Systems
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Wide-band analog signal reception Single-mode fiber pigtail High optical return loss to 20 GHz bandwidth 1310 nm and 1550 nm sensitivity

Antenna remoting Cellular and PCS networks Military triband communications TT and C

The family of wideband photodiode receivers are ideally suited for use in analog fiber-optic communications. With their wide bandwidth and flat response, these devices are used in a wide array of applications, including antenna remoting, timing and reference signal distribution, measurement, delay lines, and two-way communications. Several packaging styles are available for these wideband photodiodes. The most basic package, the photodiode module, contains the photodiode chip, optical fiber pigtail, and impedance-matched electrical connections in a hermetically sealed unit. Of particular note is the high optical return loss, which enables high-quality noise performance for sensitive optical links.

for integration with Agere Systems Inc.'s System 10000 rack-mountable chassis and power supplies. Electronics within flange-mount and plug-in receivers provide a reverse bias for the photodiodes and monitor the dc level of the optical input power, thus providing a fully integrated wideband product.

In most cases, the basic photodiode module is integrated into a complete receiver, packaged either as a flange-mount for extreme environments, as a plug-in

Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are absolute stress ratings only. Functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excess of those given in the operational sections of the data sheet. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings for extended periods can adversely affect device reliability.

Parameter Operating Temperature Range: Modules and Flange-mount Plug-ins Storage Temperature Range: Modules and Flange-mount Plug-ins Input Power: 1516A/B/C 2518A/B Maximum Power for 2518A/B dc Current: 1516A/B/C 2518A/B Symbol TOP 40 0 Tstg 40 20 PIN 2.0 (typ) 15 PMAX Idc 50 C Min Max Unit

Package Type Module Flange-Mount Receiver Plug-in Receiver, for 19 in. rack system Parameters dc Photodiode Responsivity at 1310 nm, C RF Receiver Efficiency (typ) at 1 GHz 2 Optical Return Loss3 Pigtail Fiber Type (where applicable) >0.75 A/W 4510A/B1 10450A/B1 Device Code 4518A/B 10458A/B

1. Specified for <2 mW optical power, <50% modulation depth. 2. The photodiode RF current splits evenly between the internal matching resistor and the external load. (See Agere Systems' System Designer's Guide to RF and Wideband Fiber Optics.) 3. Optical return loss specified for FC-APC connectors or fusion splices only. Other connection methods can degrade optical return loss. is a trademark of Corning Incorporated.

Table 2. RF Characteristics Package Type Module Flange-Mount Receiver Plug-in Receiver (for 19 in. rack system) Parameters Maximum Frequency: A Version B Version C Version Minimum Frequency Output Coupling Amplitude Flatness1 Output VSWR, Max 2.0:1 2.5:1 Output Impedance RF Connector for Module RF Connector for FlangeMount and Plug-in SMA (F) SMA (F) 3 GHz 6 GHz 0.1 GHz dB 0.1--6 GHz 4510A/B 10450A/B Device Code 4518A/B 10458A/B

1. Relative to value at 1 GHz. 2. K-connector is a trademark of Anritsu Company. is a high-speed and SMA-compatible connector.

Table 3. dc Power for Flange-mount and Plug-ins (45xx and 104xx Receivers) Parameter

1. For photodiode module CDC requirements, contact an Agere Systems' account manager for OEM data sheet.


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