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DescriptionAEAS-72AA-xxxAA: Absolute Encoder
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Features Gray code High or low power source options IP 50 rating 38 mm package diameter 8 bits resolution 6 mm shaft diameter The package comes with 0.5 m long cable Description The AEAS-72AA-xxxAA absolute encoder is a feedback device that has the capability to generate a unique binary `word' for each encoder shaft position. The AEAS72AA-xxxAA also has the unique feature of being able to provide positional information upon power up without the need for codewheel movement, unlike incremental encoders, which need codewheel movement to provide positional information. Each absolute encoder from the AEAS-72AA-xxxAA consists of a lensed LED (Light Emitting Diode) source, an integrated circuit with detectors and output circuitry, and a special multi-track glass codewheel that rotates between the emitter and detector IC. These 3 main components are contained within a strong metal housing fitted with bearings to produce an IP rated encoder capable of working in dusty conditions. Applications Tool changers and axis control for machine tools Robotics Telescopes and antennas Rotary and - Y positioning tables Medical scanners



Theory of Operation The is a singleturn, low-cost, and compact absolute encoder which uses optical technology to provide absolute positioning information. The AEAS-72AA-xxxAA consists of a LED, Fixed Slit, Codewheel (Rotating Disc) and Photodiode IC. By using these four main components, the AEAS-72AA-xxxAA is able to produce signals in either binary or gray output form. These signals provide to the designer a unique code for each position that the codewheel is in. As seen in the diagram, the encoder contains a single Light Emitting Diode (LED) as its light source.

The light is collimated into a parallel beam by means of a lens which is built into the LED housing. This parallel beam goes through the Fixed Slit that creates a certain light pattern, due to its pattern of slots, which will fall onto the code-wheel. The movement of the code-wheel between LED and Photo detector, causes the light pattern (from the Fixed Slit) to be further interrupted by the pattern of spaces and bars on the codewheel. This final light pattern from the codewheel is then detected by the Photodiode IC where its signals are fed through signal processing circuitry to produce or 10 parallel signals in binary or gray output form.


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