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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
DescriptionDC-26.5 GHZ SPDT Absorptive GAAS Switch ic
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Features Outputs terminated in 50 when off Frequency range: DC 26.5 GHz Insertion loss: @ 26.5 GHz Isolation: @ 45 MHz @ 26.5 GHz Return loss: 15 dB (both input & selected output) 12 dB unselected output Switching speed: ns (10%90% RF) P-1dB: 18 dBm @ 10 MHz @ 2 GHz Harmonics (DC coupled): <-45 dBc @ 10 MHz & 5 dBm <-65 dBc @ 2 GHz & 5 dBm

Chip Size: Chip Size Tolerance: Chip Thickness: Pad Dimensions:

Description The is a GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) designed for low insertion loss and high isolation from to 26.5 GHz. It is intended for use as a generalpurpose, single-pole, doublethrow (SPDT), absorptive switch. Two series and two shunt MESFETs per throw provide 3 dB maximum insertion loss and 30 dB typical isolation at 26.5 GHz. HMMC-2027 chips use through-substrate vias to provide ground connections to the chip backside and minimize the number of wire bonds required.

Select Voltages 2 RF Input Power Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Max. Assembly Temperature Power into Unselected Output

Notes: 1. Operation in excess of any one of these may result in permanent damage to this device. = 25C except for Top, Tstg, and Tmax. 2. Operation in excess of these @ Top-max may result in permanent damage.

Leakage Current -10 V Pinch-Off Voltage (VSEL2 = Vp, = 2 mA, VRFout1 = open circuit, VRFin = GND Breakdown Voltage (Test FET VS = GND, = -50 A)

Guaranteed Operating Bandwidth Insertion Loss, RFin to Selected RFout (ON throw), 26.5 GHz Isolation, RFin to Unselected RFout (OFF throw), 26.5 GHz Isolation, RFin to Unselected RFout (OFF throw), 18 GHz Input Return Loss Output Return Loss, ON throw Output Return Loss, OFF throw Input Power where IL increases by 1 dB, fin = 2 GHz Switching Speed, 90% RF Envelope, fin = 2 GHz

Applications The HMMC-2027 can be used in instrumentation, communications, radar, ECM, EW, and many other systems requiring SPDT switching. It can be used for pulse modulation, port isolation, transfer switching, high-speed switching, replacement of mechanical switches, and so on.

Assembly Techniques GaAs MMICs are ESD sensitive. ESD preventive measures must be employed in all aspects of storage, handling, and assembly. MMIC ESD precautions, handling considerations, die attach and bonding methods are critical factors in successful GaAs MMIC performance and reliability.

Agilent application note #54, "GaAs MMIC ESD, Die Attach and Bonding Guidelines" provides basic information on these subjects.

Note: 1. Three-port-wafer-probed data: Port = RF Input, Port 2 = Selected RF Output (i.e., ON throw), and Port 3 = Unselected RF Output (i.e., OFF throw).


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