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CategoryTiming Circuits => Prescalers/Dividers->RF
DescriptionChip 0.5-16 GHZ GAAS HBT Prescalers
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Features Wide frequency range: ­ 16 GHz High input power sensitivity: On-chip pre- and post-amps to +10 dBm (1­10 GHz) to +10 dBm ­ 12 GHz) to +5 dBm ­ 15 GHz) Dual mode Pout: (chip form) +6.0 dBm (0.99 Vp-p) 80 mA

Chip Size: Chip Size Tolerance: Chip Thickness: Pad Dimensions: x 17.3 mils) µm 0.4 mils) ± 0.6 mils) x 2.8 mils)

0 dBm (0.5 Vp-p) @ 60 mA Low phase noise: -153 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz Offset or single supply bias operation Wide bias supply range: to 6.5 volt operating range Differental I/O with on-chip 50 matching

Description The HMMC-3002 GaAs HBT MMIC Prescaler offers to 16 GHz frequency translation for use in communications and EW systems incorporating highfrequency PLL oscillator circuits and signal-path down conversion applications. The prescaler provides a large input power sensitivity window and low phase noise. In addition to the features listed above the device offers an input disable contact pad to eliminate any self-oscillation condition.

VCC VEE [VCC-VEE] VDisable VLogic Pin (CW) VRFin TBS[2] Tstg Tmax

Bias Supply Voltage Bias Supply Voltage Bias Supply Delta Pre-amp Disable Voltage Logic Threshold Voltage CW RF Input Power DC Input Voltage RFin or RFin Ports) Backside Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Max. Assembly Temp. (60 seconds max.)

Notes: 1. Operation in excess of any parameter limit (except TBS) may result in permanent damage to this device. 2. MTTF >2 x106 hours @ TBS < 85°C. Operation in excess of maximum operating temperature (TBS) will degrade MTTF.

HMMC-3002 DC Specifications/Physical Properties = 25°C, VCC - VEE = 5.0 volts, unless otherwise indicated)

Operating bias supply difference[1] Bias supply current (High output power configuration[2]: VPwrSel = VEE) Bias supply current (Low output power configuration: VPwrSel = open) Quiescent DC voltage appearing at all RF ports Nominal ECL Logic Level (VLogic contact self-bias voltage, generated on-chip)

Notes: 1. Prescaler will operate over full specified supply voltage range. VCC or VEE not to exceed limits specified in Absolute Maximum Ratings section. 2. High output power configuration: Pout = +6.0 dBm (Vout = 0.99 Vp-p), Low output power configuration: Pout = 0 dBm (Vout = 0.5 Vp-p)

Maximum input frequency of operation Minimum input frequency of operation (Pin = -10 dBm) Output Self-Oscillation Frequency[2] @ DC, (Square-wave input) = 500 MHz, (Sine-wave input) to 10 GHz to 12 GHz to 15 GHz Small-Signal Input/Output Return Loss (@in <12 GHz) Small-Signal Reverse Isolation (@in <12 GHz) SSB Phase Noise Pin = 0 dBm, 100 kHz offset from a out = 1.2 GHz Carrier) Input signal time variation @ zero-crossing (in = 10 GHz, Pin = -10 dBm) Output transition time to 90% rise/fall time)

Notes: 1. For sine-wave input signal. Prescaler will operate down to D.C. for square-wave input signal. Minimum divide frequency limited by input slew-rate. 2. Prescaler can exhibit this output signal under bias in the absence an RF input signal. This condition may be eliminated by use of the Pre-amp Disable (VDisable) feature, or the Differental Input de-biasing technique.

HMMC-3002 RF Specifications, continued High Output Power Operating Mode [1] (TA = 50, VCC - VEE = 5.0V)

@ out <1 GHz @ out = 2.5 GHz @ out = 5 GHz @ out <1 GHz @ out = 2.5 GHz @ out = 5 GHz out power level appearing at RFin or RFin = 12 GHz, Unused RFout or RFout unterminated) out power level appearing at RFin or RFin = 12 GHz, Both RFout & RFout terminated) Power level of in appearing at RFout or RFout = 12 GHz, Pin = 0 dBm, Referred to Pin (in)) Second harmonic distortion output level out = 3.0 GHz, Referred to Pout (out))

Pout @ out <1 GHz @ out = 2.5 GHz @ out = 5 GHz @ out <1 GHz @ out = 2.5 GHz @ out = 5 GHz out power level appearing at RFin or RFin = 12 GHz, Unused RFout or RFout unterminated) out power level appearing at RFin or RFin = 12 GHz, Both RFout & RFout terminated) Power level of in appearing at RFout or RFout = 12 GHz, Pin = 0 dBm, Referred to Pin (in)) Second harmonic distortion output level out = 3.0 GHz, Referred to Pout (out)) dBm volts dBm dBc

Notes: 1. VPwrSel = VEE. 2. VPwrSel = Open Circuit.


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