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TitleSingle Channel
Description17.7-32 GHZ Power Amplifier
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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26 dBm Output at 28 GHz High Gain: 18 dB 50 Input/Output Matching Small Size RF Detector Network

Chip Size: Chip Size Tolerance: Chip Thickness:

The is a MMIC power amplifier designed for use in wireless transmitters that operate within the 17.7 GHz to 32 GHz range. At 28 GHz it provides 26 dBm of output power (P-1dB) and dB of small-signal gain from a small easy-to-use device. The HMMC-5033 was designed to be driven by the HMMC-5040 (20-40 GHz) or the HMMC-5618 (5.9-20 GHz) MMIC amplifier for linear transmit applications. This device has input and output matching circuitry for use in 50 ohm environments.

Symbol Parameters/Conditions Drain Supply Voltages Gate Supply Voltages First Stage Drain Current Second Stage Drain Current RF Input Power Applied Detector Bias (Optional) Channel Temperature[2] Backside Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Maximum Assembly Temperature -65 -3.0 Min. Max. Units Volts mA dBm Volts C

maximum ratings for continuous operation unless otherwise noted. Refer to DC Specifications / Physical Properties table for derating information.

Symbol Parameters/Conditions Drain Supply Operating Voltage Drain Supply Operating Voltage First Stage Drain Supply Current VG1 = Open, VGG set for ID2 typical) Second Stage Drain Supply Current 5 V, VGG -0.8 V) Gate Supply Operating Voltages ID2 700 mA) Pinch-off Voltage [VDD ID2) 20 mA] Detector Bias Voltage (Optional) First Stage Thermal Resistance[2] (Channel-to-Backside at Tch = 160C) Second Stage Thermal Resistance[2] (Channel-to-Backside at Tch = 160C) Second Stage Channel Temperature[3] (TA = 75C, MTTF > 106 hrs, = 460 mA) -2.5 Min. Typ. VD2 Max. Units Volts mA Volts C/Watt C

ambient operating temperature = 25C unless otherwise noted. Thermal resistance (C/Watt) at a channel temperature T(C) can be estimated using the equation: (T) ch-bs [160C+273]. [3]Derate MTTF by a factor of two for every 8C above T. ch

Lower Band Specifications Mid Band Specifications Upper Band Specifications

Operating Bandwidth Small Signal Gain Output Power at 1dB Gain Compression Saturated Output Power[1] Min. Input Return Loss Min. Output Return Loss Min. Reverse Isolation

Note: Devices operating continuously beyond 1 dB gain compression may experience power degradation.

The HMMC-5033 MMIC is a broadband power amplifier designed for use in transmitters that operate in various frequency bands between 17.7 GHz and 32 GHz. It can be attached to the output of the HMMC-5040 (20-40 GHz) or the HMMC-5618 (5.9-20 GHz) MMIC amplifier, increasing the power handling capability of transmitters requiring linear operation.

Muting can be accomplished by setting VG1 and/or VGG to the pinchoff voltage VP. An on chip RF output power detector network is provided. The differential voltage between the Det-Ref and Det-Out pads can be correlated with the RF power emerging from the RF Output port. Bias the diodes at ~200 mA. The RF ports are AC-coupled at the RF input to the first stage and the RF output of the second stage. If the output detector is biased using the on-chip optional DetBias network, an external ACblocking capacitor may be required at the RF Output port. No ground wires are needed since ground connections are made with plated through-holes to the backside of the device.

bonding pads. GaAs MMICs are ESD sensitive. ESD preventive measures must be employed in all aspects of storage, handling, and assembly. MMIC ESD precautions, handling considerations, die attach and bonding methods are critical factors in successful GaAs MMIC performance and reliability. Agilent application note #54, "GaAs MMIC ESD, Die Attach and Bonding Guidelines" provides basic information on these subjects. Additional References: AN# 52, "1 Watt 17.7 GHz - 32 GHz Linear Power Amplifier," and PN# 6, "HMMC-5033 Intermodulation Distortion."

The recommended DC bias condition for optimum efficiency, performance, and reliability = 3.5 volts and = 5 volts with VGG set for 700 mA (no connection to VG1). This bias arrangement results in default drain currents 240 mA and = 460 mA. A single DC gate supply connected to VGG will bias all gain stages. If operation with both VD1 and at 5 volts is desired, an additional wire bond connection from the VG1 pad to the VGG external bypass chip-capacitor (shorting VG1 to VGG) will balance the currents in each gain stage. VGG VG1) can be adjusted for = 700 mA.

It is recommended that the electrical connections to the bonding pads be made using 0.7-1.0 mil diameter gold wire. The microwave/millimeter-wave connections should be kept as short as possible to minimize inductance. For assemblies requiring long bond wires, multiple wires can be attached to the RF

RF Output Det. Bias (Optional) Det. Reference


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