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Description8-Channel, 10-Bit ADC With I2C Compatible Interface in 20-Lead Tssop
CompanyAnalog Devices
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8 Channel, 12-/10-Bit ADCs with I2C Compatible Interface in 20-Lead TSSOP AD7998/AD7997 Preliminary Technical Data

FEATURES 12-Bit ADC with Fast Conversion Time: 2 s Eight Single-Ended Analog Input Channels Specified for VDD 5.5 V Low Power Consumption Fast Throughput Rate:- 188 KSPS Sequencer Operation Automatic Cycle Mode I2CR Compatible Serial Interface I2CR Interface supports: Standard, Fast, and High-Speed Modes Out of Range Indicator Alert Function Pin-Selectable Addressing via AS Two Versions Allow Five I2C Addresses Shutdown Mode: 1A max 20-Lead TSSOP Package GENERAL DESCRIPTION


The AD7998/AD7997 are 8 channel, 12-/10-bit, high speed, low power, successive-approximation ADCs respectively. The parts operate from a single 5.5 V power supply and feature a conversion time of 2 s. The parts contain an eight channel multiplexer and track/hold amplifier which can handle input frequencies in excess of TBD kHz. The AD7998/AD7997 provide a two-wire serial interface which is compatible with I2C interfaces. Each part come in two versions, AD7998-1/ AD7997-1. Each version allows for a minimum of two different I2C addresses. The I2C interface on the AD79980/AD7997-0 supports Standard and Fast I2C Interface Modes. The I2C Interface on the AD7998-1/AD7997-1 supports Standard, Fast and two High-Speed I2C Interface Modes. The AD7998/AD7997 normally remain in a shutdown state while not converting, powering up only for conversions. The conversion process can be controlled using the CONVST pin, an Automatic Conversion Cycle selected through software control, or a mode where conversions occur across read Address operations. There are no pipeline delays associated with the part. The reference for the part is applied externally to the REFIN pin and can be in the range 1.2V to VDD. This allows the widest dynamic input range to the ADC.

On-chip registers can be programmed with high and low limits for the conversion result, and an open drain Out of Range Indicator output (ALERT), becomes active when the programmed high or low limits are violated by the conversion result. This output can be used as an interrupt.

2 s Conversion time with low power consumption. 2. I2C Compatible Serial Interface with pin selectable addresses. Two AD7998/AD7997 versions allow five AD7998/AD7997 devices to be connected to the same serial bus. 3. The parts feature automatic shutdown while not converting to maximize power efficiency. Current consumption is 1A max when in shutdown. 4. Reference can be driven up to the power supply. 5. Out of Range Indicator which can be software disabled/ enabled. 6. Oneshot and automatic conversion rates. 7. No Pipeline Delay The part features a standard successive-approximation ADC.

SMBus is a trademark and is a registered trademark of Philips Corporation

One Technology Way, P.O. Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-9106, U.S.A. Tel: 781/329-4700 Fax: 781/326-8703 Analog Devices, Inc., 2002

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Parameter DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE Signal to Noise + Distortion (SINAD)2 Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)2 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)2 Peak Harmonic or Spurious Noise (SFDR)2 Intermodulation Distortion (IMD)2 Second Order Terms Third Order Terms Aperture Delay Aperture Jitter Channel-to-Channel Isolation Full Power Bandwidth DC ACCURACY Resolution Integral Nonlinearity2 Differential Nonlinearity2 Offset Error2 Offset Error Match2 Gain Error2 Gain Error Match2 ANALOG INPUT Input Voltage Ranges DC Leakage Current Input Capacitance REFERENCE INPUT REFIN Input Voltage Range DC Leakage Current Input Capacitance Input Impedance LOGIC INPUTS (SDA, SCL, CONVST ) Input High Voltage, VINH Input Low Voltage, VINL Input Leakage Current, IIN Input Capacitance, CIN2,3 Input Hysteresis, VHYST LOGIC OUTPUTS (SDA) Output Low Voltage, VOL Floating-State Leakage Current Floating-State Output Capacitance2,3 Output Coding LOGIC OUTPUTS (ALERT) Output High Voltage, VOH Output Low Voltage, VOL Floating-State Leakage Current Floating-State Output Capacitance2,3 CONVERSION RATE Conversion Time Track/Hold Acquisition Time Throughput Rate B Version1 TBD to REFIN 1.2 to VDD 1 TBD 1 10 TBD dB

(VDD +5.5 V, unless otherwise noted ; REFIN 2.5 V; fSCL = 3.4 MHz unless A MIN to TMAX, unless otherwise noted.)

Units min typ fa = TBD kHz, fb = TBD kHz dB typ dB typ ns max ps typ dB typ kHz typ kHz typ Bits LSB Test Conditions/Comments FIN = 10kHz Sine Wave

See Interface Section TBD s max ns max ns max KSPS max KSPS max KSPS max. Full-Scale step input Sine wave input 30 Standard mode SCL = Fast Mode SCL = 400 High-Speed Mode SCL

+5.5 V, unless otherwise noted ; REF f AD7998SPECIFICATIONS1 (otherwise noted; T , unless otherwise noted.)

Parameter POWER REQUIREMENTS VDD IDD Peak Current Power Down Mode , Interface Inactive Interface Active

Digital Inputs V or VDD Peak Current during conversion VDD 3.6 V. VDD 5.5 V. VDD 3.6 V. VDD 5.5 V. VDD 5.5 V.

NOTES 1 Temperature ranges as follows: B Version: +85C. 2 See Terminology. 3 Sample tested +25C to ensure compliance. 4 See POWER VERSUS THROUGHPUT RATE section. Specifications subject to change without notice.


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