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DescriptionADSP-21000 Family Development Tools
CompanyAnalog Devices
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Features, Applications
Summit-ICE PCI-Based Emulator for Analog Devices JTAG DSPs.

Key Featur es Attributes Rugged high-speed 3V/5V scan-based flexible emulator cable and pod (5 feet) Plug-and-Play installation Supports ADI's SHARC® DSP, TigerSHARC® DSP, Blackfin DSP, and new JTAG DSPs CE-certified

System Requirements Pentium® 166 MHz or higher Minimum of 32 megabytes of PC-AT memory Windows® 98, Windows 2000, or Windows 4.0 or greater One 32-bit PCI slot

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Overview The Summit-ICE system is a PCI Local Bus card-based DSP emulator. That emulator provides a high-speed emulation solution designed to support Analog Devices (ADI) JTAG DSPs. The Summit-ICE emulator connects from the PCI card to an ADI JTAG DSP via a JTAG pod and cable. The JTAG pod and cable measures 5 feet in length, supports 3V and 5V DSP targets, and is constructed from copper-shielded cabling to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection. With the highspeed PCI bus standard on all new desktop PCs, this product is the right choice for ADI DSP development. Customers looking for the highest performance from an emulation system for ADI JTAG DSPs should choose the Summit-ICE PCI based emulator. Available software is ADI's VisualDSP++ development environment. Software is sold separately.

Analog Devices' DSP Tools Product Line CROSSCORE , Analog Devices' DSP development tools product line, provides easier and more robust methods for engineers to develop and optimize DSP systems by shortening product development cycles for faster time-to-market. The CROSSCORE components include the VisualDSP++ software development environment, EZ-KIT Lite evaluation systems, and emulators for rapid on-chip debugging. VisualDSP++ is an integrated software development environment allowing for fast and easy development, debug, and deployment. Emulators are available for PCI and USB host platforms. The EZ-KIT Lite evaluation system provides an easy way to investigate the power of the ADI's family of DSPs to develop applications.

Analog Devices DSP Analog Devices offers a wide range of DSP solutions from low-power 16-bit DSPs (ADSP-21xx family) to high-performance 32-bit SHARC® and Blackfin DSPs. Our advances in design give you faster processing, more memory, lower power consumption, and simplified system integration. We give you a competitive edge by providing a complete solution, including expert technical support, comprehensive DSP development tools, and an independent network of third party, DSP Collaborative partners.

DSP Tools Support Tel: 1-800-ANALOGD Email: North America: Europe: Web: Ordering Information Please call Analog Devices DSP Tools Product Line 603/883-2430 or your local ADI sales representative or distributor for pricing and ordering information for part number: ADDS-SUMMIT-ICE.

Analog Devices is committed to continuous expansion of leading-edge development solutions for DSP design engineers everywhere. For more information on the tools product line visit the Analog Devices website

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ADM4850AR-REEL : LINE TRANSCEIVER, DSO8 Specifications: Technology: RS422, RS485 ; Device Type: Transceiver ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; Package Type: LFCSP-8 ; Pins: 8


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DG409AK/883B : Military/Aerospace->Military Standard. Improved 8-channel/dual 4-channel CMOS Analog Mux.

EK05 : Evaluation Kit For Sa06 Pin-out. This easy-to-use kit provides a platform for the evaluation of PWM amplifiers using the SA06 pin-out configuration. It can be used to analyze a multitude of standard or proprietary circuit configurations, and is flexible enough to do most standard amplifier test configurations. The board is designed for surface mounting all components except the switching.

GL496 : Emitters. High Speed Infrared Emitting Diode.

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MAX1618EVKIT : Max1618 Evaluation System/evaluation Kit. The MAX1618 evaluation system (EV system) consists a MAX1618 evaluation kit (EV kit) and a companion Maxim SMBusTM Interface Board. The MAX1618 EV kit is an assembled and tested PC board that demonstrates the MAX1618 temperature sensor. It monitors the temperature of an external diode-connected transistor and converts the temperature 8-bit, 2-wire serial.

MAX500BMJE/883B : Military/Aerospace->Military Standard. CMOS Quad Serial Interface, 8-bit D/A Converter.

MAX641AMJA/883B : Military/Aerospace->Military Standard. Fixed Output, 10w CMOS,step-up Switching Regulator.

MX7537SE/883B : Military/Aerospace->Military Standard. CMOS Parallel-loading, Dual, Multiplying 12-bit D/A Converter.

S6003 : S3014 Evaluation Board.

SPS-2000 : Boards->In-Circuit Emulators. Avocet's SPS-2000 Series of in-circuit emulators provide the user with a state-ofthe-art development tool for PowerPC and 68060 based designs. Real-time emulation to 75MHz, multi-level breakpoint capability with delay, and hardware-based software performance analysis are just a few of the many of this amazing product. The SPS-2000 is part of Avocet's.

SX-ISD-100 : Boards->In-Circuit Emulators. is an in-system debugger and programmer for Ubicom's SX controllers. It uses the SX chip's built-in debugging capability to provide a lowcost emulation solution to its users. It allows users to run the target application in real-time, debug source codes and program a target SX device when design is complete. It connects to the parallel port of any PC and comes.

U2100B : Industrial->Industrial Control. Timer Control For Triac And Relay. The timer control circuit U2100B uses bipolar technology. It has different mode selections (zero voltage switch, phase control, relay control). The output stage is triggered according to input conditions. It can be used in triac application for two- or three-wire system as a power switch. D Adjustable and retriggerable tracking time D Window monitoring.

USBDF : IPAD (Integrated Passive and Active Discretes)->IP. Emi Filter And Line Termination For Usb Downstream Ports.

VIPer12ADIP : VIPower (Vertical Intelligent Power). Low Power Off Line SMPS Primary Switcher.

VNQ660SP : VIPower (Vertical Intelligent Power). Quad Channel High Side Solid State Relay.

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