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4.8 GS/s Universal, High Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Building on thirty years of success developing state-of-the-art measurement solutions, Analogic introduces the DBS2055 a powerful adaptation of our most advanced broadband stimulus instrument, the DBS2050A. Engineers and scientists who rely on ultra-high-performance arbitrary waveform generators can anticipate significant performance improvements from this new instrument. The DBS2055 can: Generate arbitrary waveforms, including Pulse Pattern and Sinusoidal stimulus, over a frequency range to 2 GHz with to 8 bits of vertical resolution and over dB of programmable gain and offset Produce rise/fall times 250 ps Play back waveforms with sample rate jitter 10 ps RMS Increase memory efficiency > 100 times over conventional AWG designs by using the flexible waveform and sequence memory architecture Use waveform-independent runtime parameters to change the output level and offset "on the fly" Preload to 4,096 unique waveforms in memory and seamlessly link them for playback (creating very long waveform playback periods), using Dynamic Waveform Sequencing Advance from one waveform to the next using conditional waveform repeat (loop) counts as well as internal or external trigger events Synchronize the analog outputs with to 6 independent TTL level markers Generate precise standard waveforms: square, sine, positive and negative ramps, pulse, noise, triangle, positive and negative haversines, sin(x)/x, and DC Bring your next high-speed analog or mixed signal design to market faster while dramatically reducing errors or oversights in critical design verifications. The DBS2055 is ideal for use on the production floor or in the laboratory.


Sampling Rate: 4.8 GS/s Bandwidth: 1.9 GHz Waveform Resolution: 8-Bit Voltage Range: 4.0V peak-to-peak in X4 Output Mode Voltage Offset: ±3.5 VDC Waveform Memory: 8 Mbytes Sequence Memory: 4k Segments 100% Performance Tested with NIST Traceable Cert. of Comp. Application Development: VXI Plug and Play Compliant Drivers for Win 98, NT, 2K IEEE-488/1394/100Base-T Ethernet

The DBS2055 has three modes of operation: single channel, synchronous dual channel, and synchronous quad channel. In single channel mode the unit operates at the highest sample rate, 4.8 GS/s, using the internal time base. Single channel mode produces the fastest edges and covers the widest bandwidth. Dual synchronous mode takes advantage of the DBS2055's unique architecture to produce matched waveforms with negligible time skew and jitter <10 ps RMS. Quad channel mode extends this capability to four waveforms with an individual sample rate of 1.2 GS/s. In single or dual sync modes the unit produces true differential or single ended waveforms with full scale output levels to 4.0V peak to peak. continued


Automatic Test Equipment HDD Read/Write Chan. Development Telecom/Datacom Mass Storage RADAR Ultrasonics Navigation LAN/WAN Wireless RF Controls Fiber

Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­ DBS2055 Output Out Slave Module +
Output 1A Output 1B Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­ REF Clk IN Channel 2 Output +
DBS2055 Single Channel Mode (Single Ended Output)
DBS2055 Dual Synchronous Mode (Single Ended Outputs)
Output 1A Output 2A Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­
Output 1B Channel 1 Output 2B Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­ + DBS2055 Output ­
Output 1A Output 2A Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­ REF Clk IN
Output 1B Output 2B Sync Clk+ Sync Clk­ REF Clk IN Channel 2 Output

Continued from page 1 The provided waveform pre-compensation algorithms can be used to exchange output level for dramatic increases in analog bandwidth. The operator defines the desired signal bandwidth and the waveforms conform to the desired frequency response. The DBS2055 also achieves stunning frequency response over the full bandwidth of operation. Amplitude flatness is less than to 700 MHz. Waveform pre-compensation involves the application of principles from sampling theory that compensates for the frequency response of the system, including cables. Waveform creation and editing software is provided by WavesmithTM, a versatile waveform development system for Windows. This tool provides a "no programming required" work environment for rapid prototyping of user waveforms, as well as di rect control of all instrument functions.

HDD-NARB, Hard Disk Drive Read/Write Channel Testing

HDD/NARB is an application specific software tool that, when combined with the DBS2055, tackles one of the toughest problems faced by developers in the hard disk drive industry: managing the rapid advances in Read/Write channel complexity, data rates and sensitivity. An HDDNARB and DBS2055 can literally replace the physical media head. HDD-NARB generates accurate and precise pulse patterns representative of actual drive media, waveforms that are critical to design verification by both chip and disk drive manufacturers. HDD-NARB will easily model media noise, thermal asperities, and dropouts ­ the three deadly effects that plague disk drives.


Parameter X1 OUTPUT MODE Max. Amplitude Accuracy Gain Ctrl Accuracy Resolution Flatness (3) Conditions Differential Single-Ended 50 Terminated ±5°C 0.5 Vp-p, 4.8 GS/s <30 MHz 0.5 Vp-p, 4.8 GS/s <300 MHz 0.5 Vp-p, 4.8 GS/s <700 MHz <0.1 Vp-p 4.8 GS/s 0.1 Vp-p, 4.8 GS/s Value 2.0 Vp-p 1.0 Vp-p ±2.0% at full scale ±1% of setting, ±.00025 V/V dB 1.9 GHz ns to within 10% of final ns to within 20% of final 4.0 Vp-p ±2.0% at full scale ±1% of setting, ±.00025 V/V to 30 MHz to 100 MHz >165.0 MHz ±2.0% of setting ±2.0% of setting ±2.0% of setting ±2.0% of setting µs to within 2% of new setting Max. Parameter Type ­3 dB Bandwidth Rise Time

Parameter Conditions Value 2410 MS/s to 4.8 GS/s 600 S/s to 2.4 GS/s 300 S/s to 1.2 GS/s 0.4% of Desired Rate Max. ±2 ppm Typ. <10 ps RMS INTERNAL SAMPLE CLOCK Single Channel Mode Range Dual Channel Mode Quad Channel Mode Resolution Accuracy Jitter 100 ns Measurement Window Internal Clock Only EXTERNAL REFERENCE CLOCK INPUT ­ 1.5 Vp-p Range Resolution at Duty Cycle 10 MHz Impedance EXTERNAL SAMPLE CLOCK ­ 1.5 Vp-p Slew Range Rate 0.5V/ns Applied to Master, 50 AC Coupled

Bandwidth (Small Signal) Rise/Fall Time (3) Amplitude Control Settling Time X4 OUTPUT MODE Max. Amplitude Accuracy Gain Ctrl Accuracy Flatness (1) Bandwidth Rise/Fall Time DC OFFSET Resolution Range Accuracy SingleEnded Output

Single-Ended Only 50 Terminated 25° ±5°C Sinusoid 2.0 Vp-p <2.0 Vp-p <2.0 Vp-p <4.0 Vp-p
Differential Single-Ended Mode Output Mode (X1) Output Mode (X4)

Parameter MAIN TRIGGER Sources Modes Threshold Range Threshold Accuracy Hysteresis Input Impedance Conditions Value

Accuracy Differential Output Offset Control Settling Time
Common Mode X1 Output Mode Differential X1 Output Mode

Trigger A, Trigger B Free Run, Start, Stop, Gate and Start/Stop ±5% of Setting ±140 mV Typ. 40 mVp-pk 4.0 k Nom. Quad Channel Mode Dual Synchronous Mode Single Channel Mode + 17 clock cycles + 35 clock cycles + 70 clock cycles

Parameter X1 OUTPUT MODE SFDR <10 MHz <50 MHz <200 MHz SINAD Conditions Value
Measured from 1 MHz to Nyquist. 1.0 Vp-p 4.8 GS/s 50 MHz Carrier 1.0 Vp-p 4.8 GS/s 5 MHz to Nyquist

X4 OUTPUT MODE SFDR <50 MHz Measured from 1 MHz to 600 MHz 4.0 Vp-p 0V Offset 50 MHz Carrier 4.0 Vp-p 5 MHz to 605 MHz BW >40 dBc

BRANCH AND ADVANCE TRIGGER (Multi-Channel Mode) Threshold TTL Mode 1.5V Typ. Zero Crossing 0V Typ. Input Impedance 10 k Nom. Trigger to Output 256/FS (2) Delay

Parameter Output Impedance Delay Range Delay Resolution Pulse Width Range Resolution Response Conditions No Load Single Channel Single Channel Value TTL 50 Nom. 106 x sample clock period Max. 64 x sample clock period 105 x sample clock period Max. 64 x sample clock period


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