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The DBS is a high speed (400 kHz), 16-bit, precision, dual channel Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer. Fully compatible with VXI specification Rev. 1.3, the DBS 8750 occupies a single "C" size slot in a VXI chassis. Highly accurate standard and arbitrary waveforms are generated for use in a variety of demanding applications such as acoustical signatures, vibration analysis, complex signal generation, automatic test equipment, linear device testing, digital communications, and biomedical signal simulation. Combining the superior performance of a dual digital-to-analog converter (DAC), with 100 dB dynamic range, and the speed and processing capability of the TMS320C30 digital signal processor (DSP), the DBS 8750 provides precise, direct digital synthesis (DDS) of analog signals at an economically attractive price. For maximum flexibility, three sources of digital data are supported for arbitrary waveform generation and signal processing: downloaded data from VXI-resident memories, calculated data from the resident DSP, and local bus transferred data via connector P2 from other adjacent cards such as the Analogic DBS 87xx family of VXI digitizer modules. This multiple sourcing of waveform data, complemented by versatile triggering and cross-synchronization capabilities, allows easy integration of precision analog signal synthesis within sophisticated VXI instrumentation applications. Software integration effort is reduced to an absolute minimum with the DBS 8750. Message-based device architecture allows serial word communication protocols with any Slot 0 Controller using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). A selection of available software drivers is offered for use with the unit.


u 16-Bit Precision u 400 kHz Update Rate u Two Independent Outputs u 500V Block Isolated Outputs u 0.003% Differential Nonlinearity u High Performance DSP u Library of Standard Functions u SCPI Command Compatibility u Fully Compatible with the Analogic DBS Series Modules u Software Drivers Available

Mux DAC 2 Waveform Memory 32K Words Program Memory PROM

u Acoustic Signature u Automatic Test Equipment u Vibration Stimulus u Digital Communication u Biomedical Signal Stimulus u Linear Device Testing u Precision Audio Component Testing

Output Stage 1: Filter Attenuator Output Drive Output Stage 2: Filter Attenuator Output Drive
DSP/User Shared Memory 32K SRAM 17K User Accessible +5V

Number of Channels 2 Output Drive (programmable) Single-ended or Differential Output Voltage ±10V Single-ended or Differential no load) Maximum Load Current 40 mA Crosstalk Ch. to Ch. ­96 dB Resolution 16 bit Offset (programmable) in 1 LSB Steps Attenuation (programmable): 0.01 dB steps. Gain (filter bypass) 1 ±0.5% Differential Non-Linearity ±0.003% of FSR Max. Output Impedance (switch selectable) or 600 Output Coupling (switch selectable) or AC Isolation 300 VDC Total Harmonic @ 1.0 kHz @ 20 kHz Square Wave, Triangle Wave Frequency to 30 kHz Settling Time to 1 LSB after 10V Step 16 µs (output filter off) Offset Voltage Typ. ±20 mV

Waveform memory (each channel) 32K words @ 16 bits Shared DSP/User Memory 17K words for data transfers to/ from VXI memory or P2 local bus

Rated Performance to 50°C Storage to +75°C Relative Humidity to 85% noncondensing to +40°C Cooling 1.4 litre/sec. airflow for 10°C rise mm H2O back pressure Dimensions "C" size VXI Weight 3 lbs, oz/1.47 kg

NOTES: 1. Unless otherwise noted, all specifications apply 25°C. 2. Peak Distortion peak distortion represents the ratio between the highest spurious frequency below the Nyquist rate and the signal. 3. Total Harmonic Distortion total harmonic distortion represents the ratio between the RMS sum of all harmonics to 20th harmonic and the RMS value of the signal.

External Clock (input #1) Front Panel BNC (TTL) active low, 400 kHz Max, 120 nS Min. pulse width External Clock (input #2) TTLTRIG line P2 connector External Trigger/Start (input) Front Panel BNC (TTL) active low or TTLTRG line Gate (Delayed Gate) (output) Front Panel BNC (TTL) or TTLTRG line. Active low during waveform generation. Programmable delay to 41.94 sec. relative to Ext. Trigger/Start Precision Clock (output) TTLTRIG line P2 connector Clock Accuracy 16 MHz ±0.005%

Filter Type 6 pole Butterworth Modes of Operation ON or bypass (programmable) Pass Band Frequency 25 kHz (3 dB point) Flatness in Pass Band to 10 kHz Max. to 20 kHz Max. Attenuation in Stop Band ­90 dB Settling Time to 16 bit accuracy for 20 volt step function

Required Warm-up Time (for ultimate specifications) 15 minutes Offset Tempco ±23 µV/°C Typ. ±75 µV/°C Max. Gain Tempco ±20 ppm FSR/°C Typ. ±40 ppm FSR/°C Max. Differential Nonlinearity Tempco ±5 ppm FSR/°C Max.

+5V Supply +4.75V Min., +5.25V Max. Power Consumption 20W maximum

Equation (A sin 1t) (B sin a b CALculate:MATH FOR T1 A+b * e^(­t) * COS(t) FOR T2 ­A+b * e^(­t) *COS(t) Waveform SCPI Expression CALculate:MATH FOR B* SIN(2t)

Analogic Corporation Measurement and Control Division 8 Centennial Drive Peabody, MA 01960-7987, USA Tel: (508) 977-3000 Fax: (508) 977-6814


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