Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DBS800
CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Receivers => AM/FM Receiver => Radio
DescriptionAudio Processor
CompanyConsumer Microcircuits Limited
DatasheetDownload DBS800 datasheet
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FX202 : QTC Tone Processor

FX205P : Tone Encoder

FX346 : Amps, Tacs, NMT Audio Processing Array

FX355 : CTCSS Encoder/decoder

FX709LH : Voice Store Retrieve CVSD Codec

MX019DW : Stereo/Quad Channel Quad Digital Control Amplifier

MX214 : Variable Split Band Inverters

MX621P : Low-power SPM Detector

MX643P : Call Progress Tone Detector With Special Information Tones

MX919BDS : Analog Interface/Datapump 4-level FSK Modem Data Pump

MX980 :

CMX7041 : The CMX7031 or CMX7041 configured via FI-2.0 provides a half-duplex 4-level FSK modem suitable for use in PMR/LMR radios. In conjunction with a suitable host µcontroller and radio modules, this provides the digital baseband processing to implement a radio function to satisfy the requirements of ET

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ADC20464CIWM : 10-bit 600 NS A/D Converter With Input Multiplexer And Sample/hold. Using an innovative, patented multistep* conversion technique, the ADC10461, ADC10462, and ADC10464 CMOS analog-to-digital converters offer sub-microsecond conversion times yet dissipate a maximum of only 235 mW. The ADC10461, ADC10462, and ADC10464 perform a 10-bit conversion in two lower-resolution "flashes", thus yielding a fast A/D without the cost,.

BA7182AS : . The is a PRE / REC amplifier developed for use in video cassette recorders. It has been designed for use in two-head decks and built-in FB damping, two preamplifiers, a chroma output amplifier, an FM output amplifier (with AGC), an envelope detector, a constant-current BTL-drive REC amplifier (with AGC) and built-in channel and REC / PB switches on a single.

CS8553 : Digital Video Decoder. Digital Video Encoder (low Power). GENERAL The CS8553 provides full conversion from digital video format YCbCr into NTSC/PAL composite. It can be used in VCD, DVD, and digital VCR applications. Two times oversampling reduces the output filter requirements and guarantees no alias interference by internal UV filters and Y filter. A 9-bit DAC provides a composite video output with high.

LD502 : Audio PreAmp/Amp. Low Distortion Agc Compression Amplifier. adjustable gain from to 60 dB V DC voltage regulator on-chip attack time fixed at less than 1 ms release time adjustable from to 500 ms low input referred noise 1.2 µV <1 % distortion at 10 mVRMS output operates from to 3 VDC STANDARD PACKAGING 8 pin MICROpac 8 pin MINIpac 8 pin PLID 8 pin SLT Chip x 62 mils) Au Bump By using RGT (see test circuit).

MN35503 : CD. Package =. The is a CMOS digital-to-analog converter designed especially for PCM digital audio equipment. It a built-in digital filter with 16/20-bit input. It uses pulse edge modulation (PEM) and JVC advanced noise shaping (VANS) to yield the high resolution and low distortion ratio equivalent to those of 20-bit systems covering the range between 0 and 20 kHz.

NJM2113 : Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier.

NJM386B : Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier.

RF3320 : Cable. Cable Reverse Path Programmable Gain Amplifier. CABLE REVERSE PATH PROGRAMMABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER Typical Applications Euro-DOCSIS/DOCSIS Cable Modems CATV Set-Top Boxes Telephony Over Cable Home Networks Automotive/Mobile Multimedia Coaxial and Twisted Pair Line Driver The is a variable gain amplifier for use in CATV reverse path (upstream) applications. It is DOCSIS-compliant for use in cable modems.

SN761677DA : Tuners. ti SN761677, Tv/vcr Tuner ic With DC/DC Converter. VHF-L, VHF-H, UHF 3-Band Local Oscillator I2C Bus Protocol Four Data Bytes Transmission Low Noise DC/DC Converter 4ch NPN Emitter Follower Type Band Switch Drivers D 4ch NPN Open Collector Type Ports D Programmable Reference Divider Ratio The is a single-chip synthesized tuner IC designed for TV/VCR tuning systems. The circuit consists of a PLL synthesizer,.

TDA7261 : 25W Mono Amplifier With Mute/st-by. WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE (UP TO 50V ABS MAX.) SPLIT SUPPLY HIGH OUTPUT POWER: 25W @ THD +20V NO POP AT TURN-ON/OFF MUTE (POP FREE) STAND-BY FEATURE (LOW IQ) FEW EXTERNAL COMPONENTS SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION The TDA7261 is class AB Audio power amplifier assembled in the Multiwatt package, specially deFigure 1: Typical Application.

TDA8146 : Sync/Deflection. E/w Parabolic And Keystone Correction With Adjustable Parabolic Shape.

TPA3008D2 : 10-W Stereo Class-d Audio Power Amp. 10-W/Ch Into an 16- Load From a 17-V Supply to 92% Efficient, Class-D Operation Eliminates Need For Heatsinks to 18-V Single-Supply Operation Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings Differential Inputs Minimizes Common-Mode Noise Space-Saving, Thermally Enhanced PowerPADTM Packaging Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection With Auto Recovery Option Pinout.

THS7316 : Fabricated using the Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) BiCom-III process, the THS7316 is a low power single-supply 3-V to 5-V, 3-channel integrated video buffer. It incorporates a 5th-order modified Butterworth filter which is useful as a DAC reconstruction filter or an ADC anti-aliasing filter. The 36-MHz filter is a perfect choice for HDTV video which includes.

2SC6011A : Audio Amplification Transistor By adapting the Sanken unique wafer-thinner technique, these NPN power transistors achieve power-up by decreasing thermal resistance, and provide higher voltage avalanche breakdown rating. The high power-handling capacity of the TO-3P package allows a smaller footprint on the circuit board design. This series of transistors.

LM48312 : 2.6W, Ultra-Low EMI, Filterless, Mono Class D Audio Power Amplifier With E2S The LM48312 is a single supply, high efficiency, mono, 2.6W, filterless switching audio amplifier. The LM48312 National’s Enhanced Emissions Suppression (E 2S) system, that a unique patented ultra low EMI, spread spectrum, PWM architecture, that significantly reduces RF emissions.

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