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DescriptionFixed Sip Delay Line
CompanyData Delay Devices, Inc.
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Fast rise time for high frequency applications Very narrow device (SIP package) Stackable for PC board economy Low profile Epoxy encapsulated Meets or exceeds 1 2

The 1514-series device is a fixed, single-input, single-output, passive IN Signal Input delay line. The signal input (IN) is reproduced at the output (OUT), shifted OUT Signal Output by a time (TD) given by the device dash number. The characteristic GND Ground impedance of the line is given by the letter code that follows the dash number (See Table). The rise time (TR) of the line 20% of TD, and the 3dB bandwidth is given 1.75 / TD.

Dielectric breakdown: Distortion @ output: Operating temperature: Storage temperature: Temperature coefficient: 50 Vdc 10% max. +125°C 100 PPM/°C

INPUT: Ambient Temperature: Input Pulse: Source Impedance: Rise/Fall Time: Pulse Width Period Pulse Width Period (TD 75ns): (TD 75ns): (TD > 75ns): (TD ± 3oC High = 3.0V typical Low = 0.0V typical 50 Max. 3.0 ns Max. (measured at 10% and 90% levels) PWIN = 100ns PERIN = 1000ns PWIN x TD PERIN x TD OUTPUT: Rload: Cload: Threshold: 10pf 50% (Rising & Falling)

NOTE: The above conditions are for test only and do not in any way restrict the operation of the device. PERIN PWIN TRISE INPUT SIGNAL


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