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Regulated 3.3V and 5V outputs @ 7 Amps capability 33 Watts total output power No-load operation Available input voltage ranges: or 36-75V Small x 0.45" package UL1950 and EN60950 safety approvals mark available (75V-input models) Continuous short-circuit protection Fully isolated, 1500Vdc guaranteed to +100°C operating temperature Input under and overvoltage shutdown Output overvoltage protection Thermal shutdown

For applications requiring 33 Watts of power from 5V and 3.3V, DATEL offers a new power sharing DC/DC converter capable of meeting your output current requirements. The BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D48 (36-75V input), BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D24 (18-36V input) and BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D12 (10-18V input) are fully isolated DC/DC converters capable of delivering any combination of 5V and 3.3V loading to a combined total of 33 Watts of output power. Housed in a standard x 0.45" metal package coated with electrically nonconductive finish, these converters utilize a shared control-loop system to assure load regulation of ±1% for 3.3V output and ±1.5% for 5V output. All models include input Pi filtering, input overvoltage and undervoltage shutdown circuitry, output overvoltage protection, output short-circuit and current limiting protection, and thermal shutdown. Each design also provides trim capability and on/off control function. Fully synchronous output rectification renders high efficiency and no-load operation. BWR power sharing modules offer low ripple and noise performance, high efficiency 1500Vdc of isolation voltage, and are fully specified for to +100°C operation. These devices meet IEC950, UL1950 and EN6950 safety standards, including BASIC insulation requirements for "D48" models. CB reports are available on request. "D48" models are CE marked (meet LVD requirements).

DATEL, Inc., Mansfield, MA 02048 (USA) Tel: (508)339-3000, (800)233-2765 Fax: (508)339-6356 Email: Internet:

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage and balanced "full-load" conditions @ 5A). Any combination of 5V/3.3V rated IOUT current, not to exceed 33 Watts of output power. (See derating graphs.) Ripple/Noise (R/N) measured over a 20MHz bandwidth. All models are specified with 1µF ceramic output capacitors.

Tested from 10% load to 100% load (other output at 10% load). Nominal line voltage, no load/balanced full-power condition. Tested from no-load to 100% load (other output at no-load). Output trim may impact 5V load regulation.

Dual Output/ Mixed-Voltage Series V1 Nominal Output Voltage: 5 Volts I1 Maximum Output Current: 6 Amps Optional Functions Input Voltage Range: = 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) = 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) = 36-75 Volts (48V nominal)

BWR 33 Watt DC/DC's are designed with an On/Off Control function with positive polarity in the pin 4 position. L1 L2 Pin length: 0.110 in. (2.79mm) ±0.010 Pin length: 0.145 in. (3.68mm) ±0.010

V2 Nominal Output Voltage: 3.3 Volts I2 Maximum Output Current: 7 Amps

I/O Connections Pin Function P33 +Input ­Input No Pin On/Off Control +5V Output Return +3.3V Output Trim Notes: For "D12" and "D24" models the case is connected to pin 2 (­Input). For "D48" models, the case is connected to pin 1 (+Input).

Typical = +25°C under nominal line voltage, balanced "full-load" conditions, unless noted.

Input Voltage Range: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models Overvoltage Shutdown: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models Start-Up Threshold: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models Undervoltage Shutdown: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models Input Current: Normal Operating Conditions Standby Mode: Off, OV, UV, Thermal Shutdown Input Reflected Ripple Current: Source Impedance D12 Models D24/D48 Models Internal Input Filter Type Reverse-Polarity Protection: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models On/Off Control (Pin & D48 Models 10-18 Volts (12V nominal) 18-36 Volts (24V nominal) 36-75 Volts (48V nominal) 19-23 Volts (21V nominal) 37-42 Volts (40V nominal) 77-81 Volts (79V nominal) 9-10 Volts (9.3V nominal) 16.5-18 Volts (17V nominal) 34-36 Volts (35V nominal) 8.5-9.6 Volts (9.3V nominal) 16-17 Volts (16.5V nominal) 32.5-35 Volts (34V nominal) See Ordering Guide 10mA typical <0.1, no external input filtering 200mAp-p (150mAp-p typical) 250mAp-p (225mAp-p typical) 2.46µF) 1 minute duration, 6A maximum 1 minute duration, 4A maximum 1 minute duration, 2A maximum On = open 13V to +VIN, IIN = 50µA max. Off = 0-0.8V, IIN = 1mA max. Short Circuit Current: 5V Output 3.3V Output Overvoltage Protection: 5V Output 3.3V Output Maximum Capacitive Loading D12 Models D24, D48 Models 3.3V 5V

5 Amps average, continuous 6 Amps average, continuous Magnetic feedback 6.8 volts 2000µF 1000µF

Dynamic Load Response: 300µsec maximum 5V (50-100% load step to 4% VOUT) 3.3V (50-100% load step to 2.5% VOUT) 300µsec maximum Start-Up Time: VIN to VOUT On/Off to VOUT Switching Frequency MTBF D12 Models D24/D48 Models Operating Temperature (Ambient): Without Derating: D12 Models D24 Models D48 Models With Derating Case Temperature: Maximum Operational For Thermal Shutdown Storage Temperature Dimensions Internal Case Connection: D12/D24 Models D48 Models Case Material 20msec maximum 15msec maximum 285kHz (±15kHz)

Bellcore, ground fixed, full power, +25°C operating ambient temperature 1.3 million hours 1.67 million hours

VOUT Accuracy: 5V Output 3.3V Output Minimum Loading Per Specification Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) Line/Load Regulation Efficiency ±3% maximum ±1.5% maximum No load, see Performance Specifications See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide See Ordering Guide / Efficiency Curves

x 11.43mm) ­Input (Pin 2) +Input (Pin 1) Corrosion resistant steel with non-conductive, epoxy-based, black enamel finish and plastic baseplate Brass, solder coated 2.7 ounces (76.5 grams)

Cross Regulation: 5V Output 3.3V@0.7-7A) ±6% maximum 3.3V Output 5V@0.6-6A) ±0.5% maximum Trim Range Isolation Voltage: Input-to-Output Isolation Capacitance Isolation Resistance ±5% 1500Vdc minimum 470pF 100M

Primary to Secondary Insulation Level D12/D24 Models Operational D48 Models Basic Temperature Coefficient Current Limit Inception: @ 95% VOUT @ 98.5% VOUT ±0.02%/per°C 7.6-9.0 Amps 11.3-12.7 Amps

Balanced "full-load" @ 5A. All models are specified with external 1µF ceramic output capacitors. See Technical Notes/Graphs for details. Applying a voltage to On/Off Control (pin 4) when no input power is applied to the converter may cause permanent damage. Output noise may be further reduced with the installation of additional external output capacitors. See Technical Notes. On/Off control is designed to be driven with open collector or by appropriate voltage levels. Voltages must be referenced to the input return pin (­Input). Demonstrated MTBF available on request.


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