Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NMAS31750FS
DescriptionHigh Performance MIL-STD-1750 Microprocessor
CompanyDynex Semiconductor
Some Part number from the same manufacture Dynex Semiconductor
Private 2.45ghz Mass Movement Vehicle Alarm Sensor For Private Vehicles
PT40QPx45 20ka 4500v Pulse Power Thyristor
PT60QHx45 40ka 4500v Pulse Power Thyristor
PT85QWx45 90ka 4500v Pulse Power Thyristor
RD33FG 3830a 600v Disc Rectifier Diode
RD43FF 4240a 600v Disc Rectifier Diode
RD65FV 11120a 600v Disc Rectifier Diode
Security 2.45ghz Mass Movement Security Sensor
SV05 145a 2500v Stud Fast Recovery Diode
SV10 180a 2500v Stud Rectifier Diode
SV1016R 1600V Rectifier Diode
SV1020K 180a 2500v Stud Rectifier Diode
SV1020R 2000V Rectifier Diode
SV1025K 180a 2500v Stud Rectifier Diode
SV1025R 2500V Rectifier Diode
SV15 20a 1600v Stud Fast Recovery Diode
SV1514F 1400V Fast Recovery Diode
SV1514FK 20a 1600v Stud Fast Recovery Diode
SV1514K 1400V Fast Recovery Diode
SV1516F 1600V Fast Recovery Diode

54HSC/T32 : Silicon-on-Sapphire  Radiation Hard High Speed CMOS/sos Logic

MAH1916FC : Radiation Hard Reed-solomon & Convolution Encoder

MAR9264T70FE : Radiation Hard 8192 X 8 Bit Static RAM

MAS3693FL : 1553B Bus Controller/remote Terminal

MP04DD810-28-W3 : Dual Rectifier Diode Water Cooled Module Preliminary Information

NMAR31750AL : High Performance MIL-STD-1750 Microprocessor

DIM2400NSM17-E : Single Switch IGBT Module The Powerline range of high power modules includes half bridge, chopper, dual, single and bi-directional switch configurations covering voltages from 600V to 3300V and currents up to 2400A.

MP03XXX190-10 : Dual Thyristor, Thyristor/diode Module

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