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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Avalanche Rectifier Diodes
DescriptionTransient Voltage Suppressor Diode
CompanyEIC Semiconductor Incorporated
DatasheetDownload 1.5KE13C datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 1N6383, ICTE-10C, ICTE10C
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Features, Applications

* 1500W surge capability 1ms * Excellent clamping capability * Low zener impedance * Fast response time : typically less then 1.0 ps from 0 volt to VBR(min.) * Typical IR less then 1A above 10V

* Case : DO-201AD Molded plastic * Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant * Lead : Axial lead solderable per MIL-STD-202, method 208 guaranteed * Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end except Bipolar. * Mounting position : Any * Weight : 1.21 grams

For Bi-directional use or CA Suffix Electrical characteristics apply in both directions
Rating 25 C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified.

Peak Power Dissipation = 25 C, Tp=1ms (Note1) Steady State Power Dissipation C Lead Lengths 0.375", (9.5mm) (Note 2) Peak Forward Surge Current, 8.3ms Single Half Sine-Wave Superimposed on Rated Load (JEDEC Method)

(1) Non-repetitive Current pulse, per Fig. 5 and derated above 25 C per Fig. Mounted on Copper Leaf area 8.3 ms single half sine-wave, duty cycle = 4 pulses per minutes maximum.

Rating 25 C ambient temperature unless otherwise specified

Note: 1 ) VBR measured after It applied for 300 s., It = square wave pulse or equivalent. = 3.5 Vmax., = 100 Amps. ( 6.8 Volts thru 91 Volts = 5.0 Vmax., = 100 Amps. ( 100 Volts thru 440 Volts ) per 1/2 square or equivalent sine wave. = 8.3 ms, duty cycle = 4 pulses per minute maximum.


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