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The MK1410 and MK1411 are the ideal way to generate clocks for NTSC/PAL video encoders and decoders. Stored in the devices are two or four popular frequencies for NTSC and PAL. an 8 pin SOIC, the chips can save component count, board space, and cost over surface mount crystals and oscillators, and increase reliability by eliminating one or two mechanical devices from the board. The power down pin turns off the device, drawing less than 20µA. MicroClock offers many other clocks for computers and computer peripherals. Consult MicroClock when you need to remove crystals and oscillators from your board.


Packaged in 8 pin SOIC Ideal for devices such as AD722/AD725 from Analog Devices and Brooktree BT819 Input crystal or clock frequency of 14.31818 MHz Power down turns off chip Frequencies are within 5 ppm with properly tuned reference crystal or accurate input clock Low jitter Output clock frequencies 35.46896MHz 25mA drive capability at TTL levels or 5V supply voltage Advanced, low power CMOS process Insensitive to input clock duty cycle

1 Revision 102298 Printed 11/15/00 Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.525 Race StreetSan JoseCA95126(408)

MK1410 MK1411 Name Type Description X1/ICLK I Crystal Connection. Connect a 14.31818 MHz crystal or clock. 2 VDD P Connect +5V. 3 GND P Connect to ground. O 14.31818 MHz buffered crystal clock output. 5 4 NPCLK O NTSC or PAL output clock. Selected by SEL pin per tables above. S1 I Select pin. Selects NTSC or PAL frequency per tables above. 6 SEL I Select pin. Selects NTSC or PAL frequency per tables above. S0 I Select pin. Selects NTSC or PAL frequency per tables above. Internal pull-up. PD I Power Down. Active low. Clocks stop low. X2 O Crystal Connection a 14.31818 MHz crystal, or leave unconnected for clock input.

Key: I = Input, O = output, P = power supply connection

A minimum number of external components are required for proper oscillation. For a crystal input, a parallel resonant 14.31818 MHz, 18pF load, crystal is recommended. Do not use a crystal with lower load capacitance. It is possible to use a crystal with higher load capacitance. In this case, external capacitors must be connected from each of X1 and X2 to ground. The value of these caps equals 2(CL -18), where CL is the crystal load capacitance in pF. So for 20 pF crystal, use 4 pF caps. The frequency tolerance of the crystal should 30ppm or better. For a clock input, connect to X1 and leave X2 unconnected. A decoupling capacitor of 0.1µF should be connected between VDD and GND on pins 2 and 3, and a 33 terminating resistor should be used on the clock output if the trace is longer than 1 inch.

2 Revision 102298 Printed 11/15/00 Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.525 Race StreetSan JoseCA95126(408)

Parameter Supply Voltage, VDD Inputs Clock Outputs Ambient Operating Temperature Soldering Temperature Storage temperature Operating Voltage, VDD Input High Voltage, VIH, input clock only Input Low Voltage, VIL, input clock only Input High Voltage, VIH Input Low Voltage, VIL Output High Voltage, VOH Output High Voltage, VOH Output Low Voltage, VOL Operating Supply Current, IDD, 5.0V Operating Supply Current, IDD, 3.0V Power Down Supply Current, IDDPD, 5V Input Capacitance Actual Mean Frequency versus Target Conditions Referenced to GND Referenced to GND Referenced to GND Max of 10 seconds IOL=25mA No Load, 17.7 MHz No Load, 17.7 MHz No Load SEL, PD pins With exact crystal VDD-0.4 Minimum Typical Maximum 7 VDD+.5V Units µA pF ppm

Input Clock or Crystal Frequency 14.31818 MHz Input Crystal Accuracy 30 ppm Input Clock Duty Cycle Time above 80 % Output Clock Rise Time 1.5 ns Output Clock Fall Time 1.5 ns Output Clock Duty Cycle Time above 1.5V Absolute Maximum Clock Period Jitter Variation from mean 130 ps One Sigma Clock Period Jitter 40 ps Notes: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings could cause permanent damage to the device. Prolonged exposure to levels above the operating limits but below the Absolute Maximums may affect device reliability. 2. Typical values are at 25°C.

The MK1410/11 is commonly used to drive an AD722/4 NTSC/PAL encoder. If the encoder is not displaying the proper color, this means that the input frequency to the MK1410/11 is incorrect. This is caused by using the wrong type of crystal, or by connecting incorrect capacitors to X1 and X2. To get correct color, specify the crystal as listed on page 2. The MK1410/11 has internal crystal capacitors set for a crystal with 18 pF load capacitance. Contact MicroClock if unable to obtain the listed crystal.

3 Revision 102298 Printed 11/15/00 Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.525 Race StreetSan JoseCA95126(408)


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