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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Switching Diodes
TitleSmall Signal
DescriptionSilicon Switching Diode
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
DatasheetDownload BAS16E6327 datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: BAS16
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Features, Applications
Silicon Switching Diode For high-speed switching applications

Configuration single parallel triple parallel triple single single, leadless single parallel pair, leadless

Maximum Ratings = 25C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Diode reverse voltage Peak reverse voltage Forward current BAS16W BAS16-07L4 Surge forward current = 1 s, = 1 s, -02W/ -07L4 Total power dissipation BAS16-07L4, TS tbd Junction temperature Storage temperature Tj Tstg Ptot C IFSM 2.5 mW Symbol VR VRM IF Value 85 mA Unit V

Thermal Resistance Parameter Junction - soldering point BAS16W BAS16-07L4
calculation of RthJA please refer to Application Note Thermal Resistance

Electrical Characteristics = 25C, unless otherwise specified Symbol Values Parameter min. typ. max. DC Characteristics 85 Breakdown voltage V(BR) I(BR) 100 A Reverse current 150 C Forward voltage 150 mA Forward recovery voltage = 10 mA, 20 ns Vfr 30 50


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