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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Speech
DescriptionArcofi (Audio Ringing Codec Filter)
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Audio Ringing Codec Filter featuring Enhanced Speakerphone PSB 2161/2163

The PSB 2163 ARCOFI-SP provides the subscriber with an DSP-based audio, ringing, codec, filter-processor solution for a digital telephone. It fulfills all the necessary requirements for the completion of a low-cost digital telephone featuring digital speakerphone and controlled loudhearing.(PSB 2161 loudhearing only)

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Programmable Analog Front End (AFE), enables direct connection of microphones, earpiece and loudspeaker; 42+3dB transmit amplification on chip, allows the direct connection of the speakerphone microphone without external OpAmp Digital signal processing performs all CODEC functions; Fully compatible to the G.714/CCITT and NET33/ETSI specifications; PCM G.711/CCITT A-Law/µ-Law and 16-bit linear data; IOM-2 (4MHz) and SCI/SDI serial data interfaces; Enhanced digital speakerphone support without any external devices: "Stronger-Wins" Algorithm enables mode switching by just speaking louder (PSB 2163 only); Controlled monitoring (loudhearing) without any external devices; Automatic Gain Control (AGC) in transmit and receive direction; 200 mW (square) 100 mW (sine wave) loudspeaker driver capability; Flexible DTMF, tone and ringing generator; Low power consumption (standby <1mW);

Product PSB 2163 P PSB 2163 N PSB 2161/2163 T Step V3.1 V1.1/V3.1 Status Prod., Delivery Release Prod., Delivery Release Prod., Delivery Release Changes

Signal Processing Tone Generator Speakerphone "Fast Echo Control" Interface IOM-2 or SCI/SDI
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Data Sheet ARCOFI-BA Errata Sheet (ARCOFI BA) V1.1 Errata Sheet (ARCOFI-BA/SP) Delta Sheet ARCOFI-SP V3.1 Errata Sheet V2.1+V3.1 (ARCOFI SP) App. Notes: Analog Line Interface with ARCOFI-BA Using the ARCOFI-BA with a SLIC Improving low Frequency Response Designing with the ARCOFI PSB2161, PSB 2163 Using the Automatic Gain Control User´s Manual Date of issue/version Availability available

Type of material Copy Book Ordering number on request Q67100-H6299 Q67100-H6253 together Q67100-H6126 Q67100-H6321

ARCOS-SP Demo-Software SIPO2163 ARCOS-SP PLUS Software Tool SIPB5132-SP ARCOFI-SP Telephone module SIPB5133-SP ARCOFI-SP Evaluation module SIPB5133-LH Loudhearing board SIPB5311 PCM4 Adapter SIPB8051 ISDN Telephone Development Board

ISDN Phone with Full Duplex Echo Cancellation


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