Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 150U120D
Description600V 150A Std. Recovery Diode in a DO-205AA (DO-8)package
CompanyInternational Rectifier Corp.
DatasheetDownload 150U120D datasheet
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Features, Applications


Diffused diode High voltage ratings to 1200V High surge current capabilities Stud cathode and stud anode version Hermetic metal case

Typical Applications

Welders Power supplies Machine tool controls High power drives Medium traction applications Battery charges Free-wheeling diodes

VRRM , maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage V
VRSM , maximum nonrepetitive peak rev. voltage V

I F(AV) Max. average forward current @ Case temperature I F(RMS) Max. RMS forward current I FSM I 2t Max. peak, one-cycle forward, non-repetitive surge current Maximum I t for fusing

No voltage reapplied No voltage reapplied Sinusoidal half wave, Initial = TJ max.
Slope resistance Threshold voltage Max. forward voltage drop

TJ Tstg RthJC RthCS T Max. junction operating temperature range Max. storage temperature range Max. thermal resistance, junction to case Max. thermal resistance, case to heatsink Max. allowed mounting torque +0 -20%

DC operation Mounting surface, smooth, flat and greased Not lubricated threads Lubricated threads

(The following table shows the increment of thermal resistence R thJC when devices operate at different conduction angles than DC)

= Essential Part Number = Standard Device = Stud Normal Polarity (Cathode to Stud)

- None = Stud Normal Polarity (Cathode to Stud) R = Stud Reverse Polarity (Anode to Stud) - Voltage code: Code 10 = VRRM (See Voltage Ratings table) - Diffused diode L = Stud base - 20UNF-2A threads None = Stud base - 24UNF-2A threads NOTE: For Metric Device x 1.75 Contact Factory

* FOR METRIC DEVICE 1.75 * FOR STUD BASE - 20UNF-2A THREADS; refer "Odering Information Table"


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