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EMI input filter meets MIL-STD-461C, CE03 Output filter reduces ripple to +100°C operation to 40 VDC input, typical Fully Isolated 50 V for 50 ms transient protection Inhibit function Sync function available on select modules Sense available on select single output modules Indefinite short circuit protection

Mix or match voltages and power to configure from one to eight outputs.

Size (max):MFCG-H x 0.400 inches x 10.16 mm) MFCA-F x 0.400 inches x 10.16 mm) Weight: MFCG-H 100 grams maximum MFCA-F 150 grams maximum Screening: Standard or ES


Interpoint's MFC SeriesTM of converters offers one, two, or three individual converters combined with an EMI filter which is designed to meet the requirements MIL-STD-461C CE03. Many combinations are available with choices from six different output voltages and four different power levels resulting in one package with from one to eight output voltages. The MFC Series of converters uses Interpoint proprietary modules as building blocks for creating single package optimized solutions with proven reliability and short lead times. All converters have an inhibit function which disables the outputs and places the unit in a low quiescent current mode. Remote sense and margining up are available on the 30 watt single modules. The 15 watt and 30 watt choices have synchronization.


1. Case has eighteen pins which may limit the number of output voltages available. Case Size: x 0.400 inches x 10.16 mm) Configuration Selection Letter2 Resulting Output Power (W) Module Power (Watts) - Number of Modules

2. Case has twelve pins which may limit the number of output voltages available. Selecting a configuration: Begin with the base model letters - MFC. Add a configuration letter from "Table 2: Configurations" that matches the number of outputs and power level you require. Using "Table 1: Modules" from page 1, choose from the available voltages in the power levels determined by the configuration letter. Add the chosen voltages to the model and configuration letters beginning with the highest wattage down to the lowest. As an example: To configure a four output, 20 watt converter, begin with MFCB. Choose the output voltages for the 15 watt and 5 watt modules in Table 2. For this example a 15 watt 5 volt dual output and a 5 watt 15 volt dual output were selected. The resulting configuration is MFCB/05D/15D.

More Examples: MFCA/15D/12D 30 watt total, four outputs: 15 watt dual 15 volt, 15 watt dual 12 volt MFCD/5D/12D/5S 11 watt total, five outputs: 5 watt dual 5 volt, 5 watt dual 12 volt, 1.5 watt single 5 volt MFCG/5D/12D 6 watt total, four outputs: 5 watt dual 5 volt, 1.5 watt dual 12 volt

Note: The specifications on the following pages are for the individual modules. The specifications/performance of the configured converter may vary from the specifications in the "Electrical Characteristics" tables. Please contact the factory for details.

Output Filter +Sense 28 V Input Filter 6 68 Input Common 500 V Inhibit Return Sense Return V 25 Watt Converter 0.03 F Output Common F 5 Vout

Designation Inhibit Return Inhibit No connection No connection No connection No connection Input Common 28 Vin Sense Return Output Common +5 Vout Positive Sense

TOP VIEW MFCF (Pin side, marked side)
Note: Pinout will vary depending on the configuration and optons. Figure 2: MFCF/05S Pinout


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