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to +125C operation to 50 VDC input Fully Isolated Magnetic feedback Fixed frequency 370 kHz typical Topology Current Mode Flyback 80 V for 120 ms transient protection (70 V for 15 V single and dual models) Inhibit function Indefinite short circuit protection to 79% efficiency

Size (max.): x 0.250 inches x 6.35 mm) Shown with "Gull Wing" lead option, also available with straight leads. See Section B8, case B, for dimensions and options. Weight: 12 grams maximum Screening: Standard, ES, or 883 (Class H). See Section C2 for screening options, see Section A5 for ordering information.


The MGH SeriesTM of DC/DC converters delivers 1.5 watts of output power in a labor saving surface mount package. The wide input voltage range to 50 VDC accepts the varying voltages of military, aerospace, or space applications. Single output converters feature outputs or 15 volts while dual output models feature outputs or 15 volts. Transient protection of 80 volts for to 120 milliseconds exceeds the requirements of MIL-STD-704A for the 5 and 12 volt single and dual models. The 15 volt single and dual converters will withstand transients to 70 volts for to 120 milliseconds.

Undervoltage lockout prevents the MGH Series converters from operating below approximately 8 VDC input voltage to keep system current levels smooth, especially during initialization or re-start operations. All models include a soft-start function to prevent large current draw and minimize overshoot. The MGH Series of converters also provide short circuit protection by limiting the current to approximately 125% of full load.

MGH Series DC/DC converters incorporate a continuous flyback topology with a constant switching frequency of approximately 370 kHz. Output voltage regulation is accomplished on the primary side using current-mode pulse width modulation (PWM). Regulation is affected by the output load; refer to the specifications tables for more information. For dual output models, 80% of the total load may be on one output providing the other output carries a minimum 20% of the total load. The dual models can be used at double the output voltage by connecting the load between positive and negative outputs, leaving the common unconnected. As an example the MGH2805D (5 volt dual output) can be used a 10 VDC output.

MGH DC/DC converters can be surface mounted with pick-andplace equipment or manually. It is recommended that the case be attached with flexible epoxy adhesive or silicone which is thermally conductive (>1 watt /meter/K). Internal components are soldered with SN96 (melting temperature 221C) to prevent damage during reflow. Maximum reflow temperature for surface mounting the MGH converter is 220C for a maximum of 30 seconds. or 63 are the recommended types of solder. Hand soldering should not exceed 300C for 10 seconds per pin. The hermetically sealed metal cases are available in two different lead configurations. See Section B8, case B.

When an open collector TTL logic low is applied to the inhibit terminal, pin 18, the converter shuts down and lowers the output voltage to near zero and input current to as low 2.3 mA. Leaving the terminal open or applying an open collector TTL logic high will enable the converter.

Input Voltage 50 V Output Power 1.5 watts Capacitive Load 200 F single output models 100 F each output, dual output models Lead Soldering Temperature Reflow 220C 30 sec. max or 63 recommended solder Hand solder 300C 10 sec. max per lead Storage Temperature Range (Case) to +150C

Inhibit: TTL Open Collector Logic low (output disabled) Logic low voltage 0.8 V Inhibit pin current 1 mA max Referenced to input common Logic high (output enabled) open collector

Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient 100 ppm/C typical Input to Output Capacitance 170 pF typical Undervoltage Lockout 8 V input typical Current Limit 125% of full load typical Isolation 100 megohm minimum 500 V Conversion Frequency (kHz) 25C 300 min, 370 typ, 450 max +125C 270 min, 370 typ, 470 max Inhibit Pin Voltage (unit enabled) 12 V

Input Voltage Range to 50 VDC continuous 80 V for 120 msec transient (70 V for 15 V single and dual models) Case Operating Temperature (Tc) to +125C full power to +135C absolute Derating Output Power/Current Linearly from 135 C

Electrical Characteristics: 25C Tc, 28 VDC Vin, 100% load, unless otherwise specified.

Notes 1. Specified 50% of full load. 2. Lin H 3. Max. duration of short circuit: 25C 90 seconds; 30 seconds.

4. Load fault is a short circuit (<50 mohms). Recovery into resistive full load. 5. Input step transition 10 s.Recovery is time to settle to within 1% of Vout final value.

Notes: 1. Specified at 50% load. 2. Max. spec indicates 80% of the converter's total available power. This 80% is available from either output. 3. Specification applies to both + and Vout. 4. Although no minimum load is required, at no load the output voltage may increase 15%. 5. Cross regulation is specified as the effect on Vout for the following percentages of total output power: +Po = 20% and Po to +Po=80% and Po=20%

Lin = 2 H. Max. duration of short circuit: 90 seconds; 30 seconds. Load fault is a short circuit (<50 mohms). Recovery into resistive full load. Input step transition 10 s.Recovery is time to settle to within 1% of Vout final value.


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