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CategoryMultimedia => Video => TV Applications => NTSC
DescriptionNtsc/pal Video Decoder
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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The is a high quality NTSC and PAL decoder with internal A/D converters. It is compatible with NTSC M, PAL M, N, and combination N (NC) video standards. Both composite and S-video (Y/C) input formats are supported. A 2-line comb filter plus a user-selectable chrominance trap filter provide high quality Y/C separation. User adjustments include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness. Data during the vertical blanking interval (VBI), such as closed captioning, widescreen signalling and teletext, may be captured and output as BT.656 ancillary data. Closed captioning and widescreen signalling information may also be read out via the I2C interface.


(M) NTSC and (B, M, N, NC) PAL Operation - Optional Auto Detect of Video Standard - ITU-R BT.601 (CCIR601) and Square Pixel Operation Digital Output Formats - VMI Compatible 16-Bit 4:2:2 YCbCr 16-Bit (5,6,5) RGB - Linear or Gamma-Corrected 8-Bit BT.656 Analog Input Formats - Three Analog Composite Inputs - Analog Y/C (S-Video) Input "Sliced" VBI Data Capture Capabilities - Closed Captioning - Widescreen Signalling (WSS) - BT.653 System B, C and D Teletext - NABTS (North American Broadcast Teletext) - WST (World System Teletext) 2-Line (1H) Comb Filter Y/C Separator Fast I2C Interface Two 8-Bit ADCs

PART NUMBER HMP8115CN HMPVIDEVAL/ISA NOTES: 1. PQFP is also known as QFP and MQFP. 2. Evaluation Board and Reference Design descriptions are in the Applications section. TEMP. RANGE (oC) to 70 PACKAGE 80 Ld PQFP PKG. NO. Q80.14x20


Multimedia PCs Video Conferencing Video Compression Systems Video Security Systems LCD Projectors and Overhead Panels Related Products - NTSC/PAL Encoders: HMP817x - NTSC/PAL Decoders: HMP8112A Related Literature - AN9644: Composite Video Separation Techniques - AN9716: Widescreen Signalling - AN9717: YCbCr to RGB Considerations AN9728: BT.656 Video Interface for ICs - AN9738: VMI Video Interface for ICs

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is a trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright © Intersil Americas Inc. 2002. All Rights Reserved 1


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EL5192ACSZ-T7 : 600mhz Current Feedback Amplifier with Enable

EL5167IWZ-T7 : 1 CHANNEL, VIDEO AMPLIFIER, PDSO5 Specifications: Bandwidth: 1400 MHz ; Supply Voltage (VS): 2.5 to 6 volts ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F) ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS ; Package Type: SOT23, SOT-23, 5 PIN ; Number of Devices: 1

ICL3223CPZ : DUAL LINE TRANSCEIVER, PDIP20 Specifications: Technology: RS232, CMOS ; Device Type: Transceiver ; Supply Voltage: 3.3V ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Package Type: DIP, PLASTIC, MS-001AD, DIP-20 ; Pins: 20

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HFA3861A : Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Baseband Processor. NS ESIG OR DU PRO ED F END TITUTE ter a BS REC SU A3861B port Cen /tsc Sheet B I NOT Data l Su A T ION ic a Tech r IL cont -INTERS 1- 88 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Baseband Processor The Intersil HFA3861A Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) baseband processor is part of the PRISM® 2.4GHz radio chipset, and contains all the functions.

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NJM2192 : SRS Trubass Bass Enhancement Processor. sGENERAL The is a Bass Enhancement Processor, based on SRS TruBass technology. The NJM2192A eliminates the need for large speakers to create low frequency fundamental tones, and it enhances and complements subwoofer performance. The NJM2192A is suitable for audio applications which are speaker system for mini components, CD radio cassette, multimedia.

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TLV990-21 : . application Single-Chip CCD Analog Front-End 10-Bit, 21-MSPS, Single 3-V Supply Operation A/D Converter Very Low Power: 150-mW Typical, 2-mW Power-Down Mode Differential Nonlinearity Error: < ±0.5 LSB Typical Integral Nonlinearity Error: < ±0.75 LSB Typical Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) With to 36-dB Gain Range (0.045 dB/Step) Automatic or Programmable.

TWL1110 : . Handsets and Telecommunications Applications Two Differential Microphone Inputs Differential Earphone Outputs and One Single-Ended Earphone Output Earphone and Microphone Mute Programmable Transmit, Receive, and Sidetone Paths With Extended Gain and Attenuation Ranges Programmable for 15-Bit Linear Data or 8-Bit Companded (µ-law and A-law) Mode Supports.

XRD9810 : Image Processor/Correction. 3-Channel 10/12-Bit Linear CCD & Cis Sensor Signal Processors.

TDA7564B : A free-form text of the package type. Automotive Product Status of compliancy of the part number with the STMicroelectronics automotive quality requirements policy. For precisions about the part number detail status can be obtained by using Questions to Sales. General A free-form of a component. Operating Range The Field where the part will operate.

ISL51002-165 : 10-Bit Video Analog Front End (AFE) with Measurement and Auto-Adjust The ISL51002 3-channel, 10-bit Analog Front End (AFE) contains all the functionality needed to digitize analog YPbPr video from HDTV tuners, settop boxes, SD and HD DVDs, as well as RGB graphics signals from personal computers and workstations. The fourth generation analog design delivers.

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