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DescriptionNtsc/pal Encoder
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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The HMP8156 NTSC and PAL encoder is designed for use in systems requiring the generation of high-quality NTSC and PAL video from digital image data. YCbCr or RGB digital video data drive the P0-P23 inputs. Overlay inputs are processed and the data is 2x upsampled. The Y data is optionally lowpass filtered to 5MHz and drives the Y analog output. Cb and Cr are each lowpass filtered to 1.3MHz, quadrature modulated, and summed. The result drives the C analog output. The digital Y and C data are also added together and drive the two composite analog outputs. The YCbCr data may also be converted to RGB data to drive the DACs, allowing support for the European SCART connector. The DACs can drive doubly-terminated (37.5) lines, and run a 2x oversampling rate to simplify the analog output filter requirements.


(M) NTSC and (B, M, N, CN) PAL Operation ITU-R BT.601 and Square Pixel Operation Digital Input Formats - 4:2:2 YCbCr - 4:4:4 RGB or 24-Bit Linear or Gamma-Corrected - 8-Bit Parallel ITU-R BT.656 - Seven Overlay Colors Analog Output Formats - Y/C + Two Composite - RGB + Composite (SCART) Flexible Video Timing Control - Timing Master or Slave - Selectable Polarity on Each Control Signal - Programmable Blank Output Timing - Field Output Closed Caption Encoding for NTSC and PAL 2x Upscaling of SIF Video Four 2x Oversampling, 10-Bit DACs I2C Interface Verilog Models Available.

Functional Block Diagram. 2 Functional Operation. 3 Pixel Data Input Formats. 3 Input Processing. 4 Pixel Input and Control Signal Timing. 5 Video Timing Control. 10 Video Processing. 12 Analog Outputs. 14 Host Interfaces. 15 Pinout. 22 Pin Descriptions. 22 Applications Information. 30 Evaluation Kits. 32


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Daughter Card Evaluation Platform (Note) Frame Grabber Evaluation Platform (Note)

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 407-727-9207 | Copyright © Intersil Corporation 1999


The is a fully integrated digital encoder. It accepts digital video input data and generates four analog video output signals. The input data format is selectable and includes YCbCr, RGB, and overlay data. The outputs are configurable to be either two composite video signals and Y/C (S-Video) or one composite and component RGB video. The HMP8156 accepts pixel data in one of several formats and transforms it into 4:4:4 sampled luminance and chrominance (YCbCr) data. If enabled, the encoder also mixes overlay data with the input data. The encoder then interpolates the YCbCr data to twice the pixel rate and low pass filters it to match the bandwidth of the video output format. If enabled, the encoder also adds Closed Captioning information to the Y data. At the same time, the encoder modulates the chrominance data with a digitally synthesized subcarrier. Finally, the encoder outputs the luminance, chrominance, and their sum as analog signals using 10-bit D/A converters. The HMP8156 provides operating modes to support all versions of the NTSC and PAL standards and accepts full and SIF size input data with rectangular (ITU-R BT.601) and square pixel ratios. It operates from a single clock at twice the pixel clock rate determined by the operating mode. The HMP8156's video timing control is flexible. It may operate as the master generating the system's video timing control signals or it may accept external timing controls. The polarity of the timing controls and the number of active pixels and lines are programmable.

The HMP8156 accepts pixel data via the P0-P23 input pins. The definition of each pixel input pin is determined by the input format selected in the input format register. The definition for each mode is shown in Table 1. YCbCr Pixel Data The HMP8156 accepts 4:2:2 sampled YCbCr input data. The luminance and color difference signals are each 8 bits, scaled to 255. Values outside their nominal ranges (16-235 for Y and 16-240 for Cb and Cr) are processed normally. The color difference signals are time multiplexed into one 8-bit bus beginning with a Cb sample. The Y and CbCr busses may be input in parallel (16-bit mode) or may be time multiplexed and input as a single bus (8-bit mode). The single bus may also contain SAV and EAV video timing reference codes (ITU-R BT.656 mode). RGB Data The HMP8156 accepts 4:4:4 sampled RGB component video input data. The color signals may be (8,8,8) for 24-bit mode or (5,6,5) for 16-bit mode. In 24-bit mode, they are scaled to 255, black to white. In 16-bit mode, the encoder left shifts the input so that it has the same scale as 24-bit input. The RGB data may be linear or gamma corrected; if enabled, the encoder will gamma correct the input data. Overlay Data The HMP8156 accepts 5 bits of pixel overlay input data and combines it with the input pixel data. The data specifies an overlay color and the fractions of the new and original colors to be summed. Blue Screen Generation In blue screen mode, the HMP8156 ignores the pixel input data and generates a solid, blue screen. The overlay inputs may be used to place information over the blue screen.


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