Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MSFB22-622-622K0
CategoryTiming Circuits => SAW Filters
Description622.08 Mhz, Fiber Optic Communication
CompanyKinseki, Limited
DatasheetDownload MSFB22-622-622K0 datasheet
Some Part number from the same manufacture Kinseki, Limited
MSFB27-183-022K8 Amps-if
MSFB39-210-001M0 Pcs-cdmaone-if
MSFB43-85-001M0 85.380 Mhz, Wide-band if Filter For Cdmaone
MSFC12-83-026K0 83.16 Mhz, if Filter For Amps
MSFC12-85-026K1 85.38 Mhz, if Filter For Amps
MSFC22-110-001M1 Cdmaone-if
MSFC30-110-001M0 Frequency: 110 MHZ
MXF10.7-6A Frequency: 10.7 MHZ
MXF10.8-16AL Frequency: 10.8 MHZ
MXF21.4-15A-FP2 Frequency: 21.4 MHZ
MXF21.7-8A-FP2 Frequency: 21.7 MHZ
MXF45-15AF-FP2 Frequency: 45 MHZ
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BQ3285ED : Clock Circuits. Real-time Clock (rtc). ® ACPI-compliant day-of-month alarm ® Direct clock/calendar replacement for IBM® AT-compatible computers and other applications ® 2.7­5.5V operation (bq3285LD); 4.5­5.5V operation ® 242 bytes of general nonvolatile storage ® Dedicated 32.768kHz output pin ® System wake-up capability-- alarm interrupt output active in battery-backup mode ® Less than.

CD74HC4046AE : Digital Phase-Locked-Loops. ti CD74HC4046A, High Speed CMOS Logic Phase-locked-loop With Vco.

DS17885 : 3 Volt/5 Volts Real Time Clock. Incorporates industry standard DS1287 PC clock plus enhanced : § Y2K compliant or +5V operation § SMI recovery stack § 64-bit silicon serial number § Power-control circuitry supports system power-on from date/time alarm or key closure § 32kHz output on power-up § Crystal select bit allows RTC to operate with or 12.5pF crystal § 114 bytes user NV RAM § Auxiliary.

K1570A : Package = 14 Pin Dip ;; Frequency = 1.000 to 52.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = CMOS/ttl ;; Supply Voltage = 5.0 Volt.

LMX2330U : Dual Integer PLLs. LMX2330U - 2.5 GHz/600 MHZ Pllatinum Low Power Dual Frequency Synthesizer For RF Personal Communications, Package: Evaluation Board, Pin Nb=-.

M6003 : TCXO/TCVCXO. Package = 9 X 14 MM FR-4 ;; Frequency = 10.000 to 30.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = Hcmos/ttl ;; Supply Voltage = 3.3 Volt.

MC100EP40 : . The is a three­state phase­frequency detector intended for phase­locked loop applications which require a minimum amount of phase and frequency difference at lock. Advanced design significantly reduces the dead zone of the detector. For proper operation, the input edge rate of the R and V inputs should be less than 5 ns. The device is designed to work.

NJU6338A : Quartz Crystal Oscillator. Quartz Crystal Oscillator.

PE3240 : Prescaler->RF. 2.2ghz Integer-n PLL For Low Phase Noise Applications.

SA556D : ti SA556, Dual Precision Timer. Two Precision Timing Circuits Per Package Astable or Monostable Operation TTL-Compatible Output Can Sink or Source 150 mA Active Pullup or Pulldown Designed to Be Interchangeable With Signetics NE556, SA556, and SE556 Applications Include: ­ Precision Timers From Microseconds to Hours ­ Pulse-Shaping CIrcuits ­ Missing-Pulse Detectors ­ Tone-Burst Generators.

SY55859L : Crosspoint Switch. 2.7Gbps Dual 2X2 Crosspoint Switch. s Pin-for-pin, plug-in compatible to the MAX3840 s Supply voltage operation: ±10% s Low jitter: 2ps rms random jitter 5ps pk-pk deterministic jitter s Power saving output disable feature s 15ps channel-to-channel skew s Fast CML outputs: <100ps tr /tf s Available in a small 5mm) 32-pin EPAD-MLF package SuperLiteTM The is a dual CML 2x2 crosspoint.

TLC2943IDB : ti TLC2943, High-performance Dual Phase-locked Loop Building Block. Dual TLC2933 by Multichip Module (MCM) Technology Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCO) Section ­ Complete Oscillator Using Only One External Bias Resistor (RBIAS) ­ Recommended Lock Frequency Range ­ 37 MHz to 60 MHz (VDD ­ 43 MHz to 100 MHz (VDD to 75°C) Includes a High Speed Edge-Triggered Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) With Internal Charge Pump Independent.

ISL1209 : Low Power RTC with Battery Backed SRAM and Event Detection The ISL1209 device is a low power real time clock with Event Detect function, timing and crystal compensation, clock/calendar, power fail indicator, periodic or polled alarm, intelligent battery backup switching and battery-backed user SRAM. Key Real Time Clock/Calendar Tracks Time in Hours,.

MAX3638 : Low-Jitter, Wide Frequency Range, Programmable Clock Generator With 10 Outputs The MAX3638 is a highly flexible, precision phase-locked loop (PLL) clock generator optimized for the next generation of network equipment that demands low-jitter clock generation and distribution for robust high-speed data transmission. The device subpicosecond jitter generation,.

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