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CategoryTiming Circuits => SAW Filters
DescriptionFrequency: 110 MHZ
CompanyKinseki, Limited
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Features, Applications

Item Nominal Frequency Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Pass Bandwidth Ripple Insertion Loss Unit MHz : kHz dB Conditions -5dB Foħ300kHz Minimum Loss Foħ900kHz Guaranteed Attenuation Foħ1.7MHz Foħ300kHz Typ. Specifications 110.00 ħ620 MIN. 1.0 MAX. 12.0 MAX. 33 MIN. 33 MIN. 500 MAX.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Kinseki, Limited
MXF10.7-6A Frequency: 10.7 MHZ
MXF10.8-16AL Frequency: 10.8 MHZ
MXF21.4-15A-FP2 Frequency: 21.4 MHZ
MXF21.7-8A-FP2 Frequency: 21.7 MHZ
MXF45-15AF-FP2 Frequency: 45 MHZ
MXF55-26AF-FP2 Frequency: 55 MHZ
MXF90-7.5BF-BT6 Frequency: 90 MHZ
OCVCXO-120A 10 Mhz, Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
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ABS25 : Crystal Oscillators. 8.7 X 3.8 X 2.5 MM Molded Plastic 30kHz to 165kHz.

DDU37F : Mechanically Variable TTL Delay Line. Ideal for "Set and Forget" applications Multi-turn adjustment screw (approx. 40 turns) Input & output fully TTL interfaced & buffered T L fan-out capability) Resolution: As low as 0.12ns Minimum delay (TD0): 6ns typical Output rise time: 2ns typical Min. input pulse width: 20% of maximum delay Power dissipation: 230mW maximum Operating temperature:.

DS1023 : Timekeeping, Timers, and Counters. 8 Bit Programmable Timing Element. Step sizes of 0.25 ns, 0.5 ns, 1 ns, 2 ns, 5 ns On-chip reference delay Configurable as delay line, pulse width modulator, or free-running oscillator Can delay clocks by a full period or more Guaranteed monotonicity Parallel or serial programming Single 5V supply 16-pin DIP or SOIC package - P7 GND OUT/ OUT REF/PWM MS LE VCC - Input - Parallel Input.

ICS9DB106 : 6 Output Pci Express* Buffer With CLKREQ# Function. /Benefits: CLKREQ# Pin For Outputs 1 And 4/output Enable Forexpress Card Applications PLL or Bypass Mode/pll CAN Dejitter Incoming Clock Selectable PLL Bandwidth/minimizes Jitter Peaking Indownstream PLL S Spread Spectrum Compatible/tracks Spreading Inputclock For Low EMI Smbus Interface/unused Outputs.

K1526CLC : Package = 9 X 11 MM J-lead ;; Frequency = 2.000 to 80.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = CMOS/ttl ;; Supply Voltage = 5.0 Volt.

M675 : Voltage Controlled Saw Oscillator (VCSO)The M675 is a Vcso (Voltage Controlled SAWOscillator) Frequency Source For Low-jitterclock Generation. An Integrated Saw(surface Acoustic Wave) Delay Lineimplements The High-q Vco (voltagecontrolled Oscillator) Function, Whichresults in Low Output Phase Noise And Very Low Jitter.the M675-01 is Available in a Range.

MK3713 : General Purpose PLL. Low Cost 3.3v Vcxo. The MK3713D and MK3713B are drop-in replacements for the MK3713S and MK3713A devices. Compared to these earlier devices the MK3713D and MK3713B offer a wider operating frequency range and improved power supply noise rejection. The MK3713D is recommended for new designs. The MK3713 is ICS' lowest cost, low jitter, high performance 3.3 Volt VCXO designed.

MQF21.855-1200/01 : Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF). Pole No. =   ;; Loss /dB = 1.5 ;; Passband /dB = 3.0 ;; Passband /±kHz = 6.00 ;; Ripple /dB = 0.5 ;; Ripple /±kHz = 3.0 ;; Stopband /dB = 20 ;; Stopband /±kHz = 25.00 ;; Stopband /dB =   ;; Stopband /±kHz =   ;; Impedance R/ohm = 910 ;; Impedance C/pf = 3.00 ;; Remarks =  .

MT9041BP : Digital PLL->DS1 & E1. = Multiple Output Trunk PLL ;; Package Type = PLCC ;; No. Of Pins = 28.

PI6C185-01B : CPU/Memory Specific. Mobile PC, 5 Output Clock Driver, 133 MHZ W/edge Rate Control.

PLL202-11D : Ali, Via, Sis, Intel 440BX Chipset FTGS , Freq. Progr., Wdt, SST. Generates all clock frequencies for Pentium systems with INTEL 440BX or VIA Apollo Pro133 or Promedia chip sets, requiring multiple CPU clocks and high speed SDRAM buffers. Support 2 CPU clocks, 6PCI and 13 high-speed SDRAM buffers for 3-DIMM applications. One 24MHz clock and one 48MHz clock. One 2.5V IOAPIC clock. Two14.318MHz reference clocks. Built-in.

RF5C15 : Clock Circuits. 18pin Sop.

RO2021 : SAW Resonators. Frequency = 418.05 ;; = Resonator. Designed for 418.05 MHz Transmitter Applications Low Series Resistance Quartz Stability Rugged, Hermetic, Low-Profile TO39 Case The is a true one-port, surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) resonator in a low-profile TO39 case. It provides reliable, fundamental-mode quartz frequency stabilization, of fixed frequency transmitters operating at 418.050 MHz. The RO2021.

S-3531ASeries : . . 1 Applications 1 Block Diagram. 1 Pin Assignment 2 of Terminals. 2 of Operation. 3 Sample of Applied Circuits. 17 Dimensional Outline Diagram (Unit:mm). 18 Order . 18 Adjustment of Oscillating Frequency. 19 Absolute Maximum Ratings 21 Recommended Operating Conditions 21 Oscillation Characteristics. 21 DC Electrical Charasteristics. 22 AC Electrical.

SF0036BA01932S : 36. Standard bandwidths for international cable standards High selectivity for spurious rejection Low amplitude ripple for higher order modulation systems Standard and custom center frequencies to 480MHz (Specify center frequency at time of order) Insertion loss ranging from to 27dB Packages inc.: SMT, DIP-FA or DIP-A, DIP-O, or DIP-BT This family of SAW (surface.

V700ME04 : Package Style = MINI-16-L ;; Frequency (MHz) = 740 to 750 ;; N@10KHz (dBc/Hz) = -107 ;; Tuning Voltage (Vdc) = 1.00 to 4.00 ;; Tuning Sensitivity (MHz/V) = 31 ;; Power (dBm) = 3.50 ± 2.50 ;; Op.temp ( C) = -30 to 80 ;; VCC (Vdc) = 5.00 ;; Icc (mA) = 17.

XC2173Series : 50M to 160MHz PLL Built-in Crystal Oscillators, High Frequency. NCMOS NOscillation Frequency ~ 25MHz NOutput Frequency 125MHz (3.3V) NDivider Circuit & PLL Circuit Built-In N3-State Output NOscillation Capacitor & Oscillation Feedback Resistor Built-In NMini Mold SOT-26 Package GCrystal Oscillation Modules GComputer, DSP Clocks GCommunication Equipment GVarious System Clocks The XC2173 series are high frequency,.

C4700 : OCXO RoHS and Lead Free Assembly Compliant Ultra-High Stability DOCXO in 2" x 2" package.

ISL12028 : Real Time Clock/Calendar with EEPROM The ISL12028 device is a low power real time clock with clock/calender, power-fail indicator, clock output and crystal compensation, two periodic or polled alarms (CMOS output), intelligent battery backup switching, CPU Supervisor, integrated 512 x 8 bit EEPROM configured in 16 Byte per page. The oscillator uses.

M41T00AUD : Serial Real-Time Clocks Serial real-time clock with audio. Serial RTC based on M41T00 Audio section provides: 300 mW differential audio amplifier ­ 256 and 512 Hz tone generation +12 dB gain, 3 dB steps (16 steps plus MUTE) to 70°C operation Small DFN16 package x 4 mm) Superset 3.6 V operation ­ Timekeeping down 1.7 V Automatic backup switchover circuit ­ Ultra low 400 nA backup current 3.0 V (typ) ­ Suitable.

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