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DescriptionOperational Amplifier, Direct Replacement For OPA541
CompanyM.S. Kennedy
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Available to SMD #5962-8870101 High Output Current - 10 Amps Peak Wide Power Supply Range to 40V Programmable Current Limit FET Input Isolated Case Replacement for OMA 541SKB - MSK 541 OMA 541SDB - MSK 146 OMA 541SZB - MSK 147

The MSK is a high power monolithic amplifier ideally suited for high power amplification and magnetic deflection applications. This amplifier is capable of operation at a supply voltage rating of 80 volts and can deliver guaranteed continuous output currents to 5A, making the 541 series an excellent low cost choice for motor drive circuits. The amplifier and load can be protected from fault conditions through the use of internal current limit circuitry that can be user programmed with a single external resistor. The MSK 541 is pin compatible with popular op-amps such as the BurrBrown OPA512, OPA541 and 3573. The MSK 541 is available in a hermetically sealed 8 pin TO-3 package. The MSK 145 is available a 6 pin SIP Package. The MSK an 8 pin Power DIP Package and the MSK 147 is available an 8 pin Power Z-TAB Package for applications requiring bolt down heat sinking. Other package styles are also available for a wide range of applications.

Servo Amplifer Motor Driver Audio Amplifier Programmable Power Supply Magnetic Deflection

1 Current Sense 5 Inverting Input 2 No Connection 6 Negative Power Supply 3 Positive Power Supply 7 No Connection 4 Non-Inverting Input 8 Output Drive The above pin out table is for the MSK 541 (TO-3). Refer to the mechanical specifications page for the pin out information of additional package styles.

VCC IOUT VIN Supply Voltage Peak Output Current Differential Input Voltage Common Mode Input Voltage

Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature Range (10 Seconds) Junction Temperature Case Operating Temperature Range Military and E Versions Industrial Versions

STATIC Supply Voltage Range 2 4 Quiescent Current INPUT Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Voltage Drift Input Bias Current

Input Capacitance Input Impedance = DC Common Mode Rejection Ratio = DC VCM = 22V Power Supply Rejection Ratio VCC to 40V Input Noise Voltage to 1 KHz OUTPUT = 10 KHz Output Voltage Swing = 10 KHz F =10 KHz Output Current = 10 KHz Settling Time 0.1% 2V step Power Bandwidth = 20 VRMS TRANSFER CHARACTERISTICS Slew Rate VOUT = 10 Open Loop Voltage Gain 4 Thermal Resistance K (541) All Others

Unless otherwise specified RCL = 0, VCC = 34 VDC Electrical specifications are derated for power supply voltages other than 34 VDC. = -1, measured in false summing junction circuit. Devices shall be capable of meeting the parameter, but need not be tested. Typical parameters are for reference only. Industrial and E grade devices shall be tested to subgroups 1 and 4 unless otherwise specified. Military grade devices ('B' suffix) shall be 100% tested to subgroups 2, 3 and 4. Subgroup 5 and 6 testing available upon request. Subgroup = +25C Subgroup = +125C Subgroup = -55C Reference DSCC SMD 5962-8870101 for electrical specifications for devices purchased as such. 2 Rev. D 7/02

To select the correct heat sink for your application, refer to the thermal model and governing equation below.

The MSK 541 has an on-board current limit scheme designed to limit the output drivers anytime output current exceeds a predetermined limit. The following formula may be used to determine the value of the current limit resistance necessary to establish the desired current limit. RCL (OHMs) = (0.809 volts / current limit in amps) - 0.057 OHM The 0.057 OHM term takes into account any wire bond and lead resistance. Since the 0.809 volt term is obtained from the base emitter voltage drop of a bipolar transistor, the equation only holds true for operation at +25C case temperature. The effect that temperature has on current limit may be seen on the Current Limit vs. Case Temperature Curve in the Typical Performance Curves.

PD X (RJC + RCS + RSA) + TA Where TJ PD RJC RCS RSA TA TS Junction Temperature Total Power Dissipation Junction to Case Thermal Resistance Case to Heat Sink Thermal Resistance Heat Sink to Ambient Thermal Resistance Case Temperature Ambient Temperature Sink Temperature

In our example the amplifier application requires the output to drive a 20 volt peak sine wave across a 5 ohm load for 4 amps of output current. For a worst case analysis we will treat the 4 amps peak output current as a D.C. output current. The power supplies are 35 VDC. 1.) Find Power Dissipation PD = [(quiescent current) X (+VCC - (VCC))] + [(VS - VO) X IOUT] = (30 mA) 62.1W 2.) For conservative design, set +150C 3.) For this example, worst case +25C 4.) RJC = 1.2C/W typically for the TO-3 package 5.) RCS = 0.15C/W for most thermal greases 6.) Rearrange governing equation to solve for RSA = (TJ - TA) PD - (RJC) - (RCS) = 0.66C/W The heat sink in this example must have a thermal resistance of no more than 0.66C/W to maintain a junction temperature of no more than +150C. Since this value of thermal resistance may be difficult to find, other measures may have to be taken to decrease the overall power dissipation. 3

See "Application Circuits" in this data sheet for additional information on current limit connections.

Both the negative and the positive power supplies must be effectively decoupled with a high and low frequency bypass circuit to avoid power supply induced oscillation. An effective decoupling scheme consists a 0.1 microfarad ceramic capacitor in parallel with a 4.7 microfarad tantalum capacitor from each power supply pin to ground. It is also a good practice with very high power op-amps, such as the MSK 541, to place a 30-50 microfarad nonelectrolytic capacitor with a low effective series resistance in parallel with the other two power supply decoupling capacitors. This capacitor will eliminate any peak output voltage clipping which may occur due to poor power supply load regulation. All power supply decoupling capacitors should be placed as close to the package power supply pins as possible (pins 3 and 6 for the MSK 541).

The safe operating area curve is a graphical representation of the power handling capability of the amplifier under various conditions. The wire bond current carrying capability, transistor junction temperature and secondary breakdown limitations are all incorporated into the safe operating area curves. All applications should be checked against the S.O.A. curves to ensure high M.T.B.F. Rev. D 7/02


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