Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AM55-0004TR
CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
Description250 MW Linear Power Amplifier And T/r Switch 1.8 - 2.0 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications


Operates Over Full PCN/PCS/PHS Bands Operates Over +5 V Supply Voltage +24 dBm P1dB Typical at PA Out 35% PAE @ P1dB for Linear Operation On-Chip T/R Switch, Linear Operation to +30 dBm Low Cost SSOP-28 Plastic Package


M/A-COM's AM55-0004 power amplifier/switch integrates a power amplifier and transmit/receive switch in a low cost SSOP package. The power amplifier delivers +24 dBm of linear power with high efficiency and can be operated at supply voltages as low It is ideally suited for QPSK or other linearly modulated systems in the to 2.0 GHz frequency band. The power amplifier/switch is fully monolithic and requires only one output capacitor for power match. The T/R switch achieves good insertion loss and isolation without degrading the overall linearity. The AM55-0004 is ideally suited for final stage power amplification in linear TDD systems. The integrated switch is convenient for duplexing. The AM55-0004 can also be used as a driver stage for high power systems. Typical applications include Japanese PHS systems or PCN/PCS transmit chains. M/A-COM's AM55-0004 is fabricated using a mature 0.5-micron gate length GaAs process. The process features full passivation for increased performance and reliability.

Part Number AM55-0004RTR AM55-0004SMB Description SSOP 28-Lead Plastic Package Forward Tape & Reel* Reverse Tape & Reel* Designer's Kit

specific reel size is required, consult factory for part * If number assignment.

Test conditions: Frequency: 1.9 GHz, 10%, VG1 adjusted for 30 mA quiescent bias VDD1, VG2 adjusted for 65 mA quiescent bias = +25C

Parameter Power Amplifier Linear Gain Power Output at PA OUT port Current From Positive Supply @ P1dB Input VSWR T/R Switch Insertion Loss Input Match Isolation

250 mW Linear Power Amplifier and T/R Switch Absolute Maximum Ratings1

Parameter Max. Input Power2 Operating Voltages2 Absolute Maximum +23 dBm VDD 7 V VGG -5 V VDD - VGG to +150C

1. Exceeding these limits may cause permanent damage. 2. Ambient temperature (TA) = +25C

Pin No. Pin Name GND VSW GND Tx IN GND ANT IN/OUT GND Rx OUT GND VDD1 SAVE Tx Description DC and RF Ground Complimentary T/R Switch Control, V Rx mode DC and RF Ground Transmit side of T/R switch DC and RF Ground DC and RF Ground Common port of T/R switch which is connected to the antenna DC and RF Ground Receive side of T/R switch DC and RF Ground DC and RF Ground Positive bias for the first stage of PA, to +6.0 volts Sleep mode control of first stage of PA ONLY 0 V first PA stage -4 V first PA stage off DC and RF Ground DC and RF Ground RF input of the Power Amplifier DC and RF Ground Negative bias control for the first PA stage, voltage divider is on the MMIC, adjusted to set VDD1 quiescent bias current, which is typically 30 mA. Input impedance: k DC and RF Ground Negative bias control for the second PA stage, adjusted to set VDD2 quiescent bias current, which is typically 65 mA. Input impedance: > 1M Second Stage DC and RF Ground Second Stage DC and RF Ground Second Stage DC and RF Ground Second Stage DC and RF Ground RF output of the Power Amplifier Positive bias for the second stage of the PA, to +6.0 volts T/R Switch Control, V Rx mode DC and RF Ground

1. All data measured = +25C and VG1, VG2 adjusted for first stage quiescent current 30 mA and second stage current of 65 mA, respectively.


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