Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DS9072-72V
DescriptionDS9072L, DS9072H, DS9075, DS9076 Sipstik Connectors
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
DatasheetDownload DS9072-72V datasheet


Features, Applications


Provides snap-in connection between SIP Stiks and motherboardLow insertion force, redundant contactsContact manufacturer directly for more detailed specifications:


40 contact vertical position.050" pitch 40 contact high profile right angle position.050" pitch 40 contact low profile right angle position.050" pitch 72 contact vertical position.050" pitch 72 contact high profile right angle position.050" pitch 72 contact low profile right angle position.050" pitch

Molex 15-82-0782 Molex 15-82-1528 Molex 15-82-1300 Molex 15-82-0772 Molex 15-82-0329 Molex 15-82-1303

40-position DIP-to-SIP and SIP-to-DIP adaptors for development of DS2250 Micro Stik products.

SIP-to-DIP Adaptor 40 contact, horizontal DIP plug with 40 contact, low profile vertical position,.050 pitch SIMM connector DIP-to-SIP Adaptor 40 contact,.050 pitch, vertical SIMM edge card with 40 contact, vertical DIP socket.


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