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DescriptionDS9072L, DS9072H, DS9075, DS9076 Sipstik Connectors
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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Provides snap-in connection between SIP Stiks and motherboardLow insertion force, redundant contactsContact manufacturer directly for more detailed specifications:


40 contact vertical position.050" pitch 40 contact high profile right angle position.050" pitch 40 contact low profile right angle position.050" pitch 72 contact vertical position.050" pitch 72 contact high profile right angle position.050" pitch 72 contact low profile right angle position.050" pitch

Molex 15-82-0782 Molex 15-82-1528 Molex 15-82-1300 Molex 15-82-0772 Molex 15-82-0329 Molex 15-82-1303

40-position DIP-to-SIP and SIP-to-DIP adaptors for development of DS2250 Micro Stik products.

SIP-to-DIP Adaptor 40 contact, horizontal DIP plug with 40 contact, low profile vertical position,.050 pitch SIMM connector DIP-to-SIP Adaptor 40 contact,.050 pitch, vertical SIMM edge card with 40 contact, vertical DIP socket.


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MAX30003CTI+ : IC ANLG FRONT END ECG 28-TQFN The MAXREFDES100 is Maxim’s health sensor (hSensor) platform that helps customers test and evaluate innovative medical and high-end fitness solutions faster and easier. Fitness and clinical applications that can be evaluated using this platform include chest-based applications with heart-ra

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MB90522 : CISC->MB. 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller. The MB90520 series is a general-purpose 16-bit microcontroller developed and designed by Fujitsu for process control applications in consumer products that require high-speed real-time processing. The instruction set of the F2MC-16LX CPU core inherits AT architecture of the F2MC* family with additional instruction sets for high-level languages, extended.

PIC16CR65-04/JW : 8-bit CMOS Microcontrollers. PIC16C66 PIC16C67 Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM/ROM technology Fully static design Wide operating voltage range: to 6.0V Commercial, Industrial, and Extended temperature ranges Low-power consumption: 5V, 4 MHz 15 µA typical 3V, 32 kHz 1 µA typical standby current High performance RISC CPU Only 35 single word instructions to learn All single cycle.

ST72512R : CISC. 8-bit MCU With Nested Interrupts, EePROM, ADC, 16-bit Timers, 8-bit PWM Art, Spi, Sci, CAN Interfaces.

ST7263B : ST7 Family. Low Speed Usb 8-BIT MCU Family With FLASH/ROM, up to 512 Bytes RAM, 8-BIT ADC, Wdg, Timer, Sci & I2C, SO34-PSDIP32.

SZF2002 : CISC->8051/80C51 Family->Low Voltage 8051. Low Voltage 8-bit Microcontroller With 6-kbyte Embedded RAM.

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