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CategoryASSP (Application-Specific Standard Products) => iButtons
DescriptionDS9094SM Surface-mount Ibutton Clip
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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Compact single-piece, all-metal clip for iButton mounting. Lowest profile iButton mount Made from 0.25 mm thick phosphor bronze Withstands high temperatures required for surface mounting Can be soldered, riveted or screw-mounted Available for F3 and F5 iButton


The is a low-cost, surface mount device that retains 16.3 mm iButton on a printed circuit board. Two springs that double as ground contacts press the iButton to the data pad on the printed circuit board. The iButton can be inserted and extracted without special tools. For best results the data contact on the printed circuit board should be plated with a layer of minimum 0.76 m hard gold over minimum 3.81 m nickel.


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